• 82 Games Into The 2015 Season

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    I am actually amazed that the Yankees are in first place (at this point in the season).

    No question, Yankee Stadium has something to do with it.  The difference between their home and road records, to date, is huge.  They just hit so much better in the Bronx.

    Can they keep it up over t he next 80 games?  Time will tell.

    For Some Reason Yankees Can Only Hit At Home

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    The splits tell the story. Stats are current through June 28th.

    Home 1395 202 349 69 5 62 194 119 254 .282 .350 .496 .846 .306
    Away 1559 161 329 64 5 40 154 127 296 .235 .302 .374 .676 .269
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    Generated 6/29/2015.


    Holy ’51 Giants, Batman.

    The Yankees Are 17-21 In The Last 38 Games

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    That’s May 12th through and including June 23rd.

    Their starting pitching is pretty bad, overall.

    Rk Pos Name Age ERA GS IP ERA+
    1 SP CC Sabathia* 34 5.65 15 87.2 70
    2 SP Michael Pineda 26 4.25 14 84.2 93
    3 SP Adam Warren 27 3.62 13 77.0 109
    4 SP Nathan Eovaldi 25 4.95 14 76.1 80
    5 SP Masahiro Tanaka 26 3.17 8 48.1 125
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    Generated 6/24/2015.


    Hey, Wait A Minute, The Phillies Are Terrible, Right?

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    I think the Yankees missed the memo.

    A-Rod’s 3,000th

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    My reaction was pretty much the same as the bench for the Tigers when he hit it.

    A-Rod’s 2015 Home/Road Splits

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    Home 25 109 16 27 6 1 4 17 14 26 .303 .413 .528 .941
    Away 34 139 20 29 5 0 8 15 17 29 .242 .338 .483 .821
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    Generated 6/15/2015.

    Home cooking?

    The Curse Of John Lackey?

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    Man, since winning the 2013 World Series, the Red Sox really stink.

    A-Rod’s 3,000th

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    Is it just me, or, anyone else think it’s coming in Miami – his home town?

    Yanks Lose 13 Of 18 To Close Out May 2015

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    Does anyone think the start of June 2015 is going to be any better?

    Yanks Lose 10 Of 13

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    On the season, heading into today, the Yankees have scored 192 runs and allowed 192 runs.   Last time I checked, you’re not going to win more than you lose with that approach.

    But, this is not old news in Yankeeland:

    Rk Year Tm G pythW-L% R RA
    1 2015 New York Yankees 43 .500 192 192
    2 2014 New York Yankees 162 .478 633 664
    3 2013 New York Yankees 162 .485 650 671
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    Generated 5/24/2015.

    Whatever their plan is, it ain’t working.

    The Yankees Under 240 Club

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    C Brian McCann* 31 32 131 4 21 5 22 .237 .290 .398 92
    2B Stephen Drew* 32 35 130 4 10 14 27 .177 .264 .345 70
    SS Didi Gregorius* 25 34 120 0 7 8 23 .204 .269 .241 46
    3B Chase Headley# 31 38 151 5 17 9 33 .236 .285 .386 87
    RF Carlos Beltran# 38 33 133 2 16 7 27 .234 .271 .387 83
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 5/18/2015.

    Not exactly Murderer’s Row.

    Trending Back To Their Level?

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    The 2015 Yankees went 13-8 to start their season. Since then, in their last 18 games, they are 9-9.

    One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong With The Others

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    Yankees have played 35 games so far in 2015.

    In their first 13 games, they went 6-7.
    In their next 12 games, they went 10-2.
    In their last 10 games, they went 5-5.

    Any guess on how they will do in their next 10-13 games?

    Pineda’s Hot Start

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    Michael Pineda’s first 7 starts of 2011: 44.3 IP, 2.84 ERA, .221 OppBA Allowed

    Michael Pineda’s first 7 starts of 2015: 46.3 IP, 2.72 ERA, .250 OppBA Allowed

    This is not the first time Pineda has gotten off to a hot start. Now, whether that’s good or bad news, it depends on your point of view.

    Is The Real A-Rod Rising To The Top This Year?

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    A-Rod’s BA/OBA/SLG line in his last 70 PA: .169/.300/.339

    It’s enough to drive a man to…well, you know.

    Sabathia’s ERA Is 4.94 Over His Last 295 IP

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    You are what your record says you are…

    Most Wins, First 25 Games, Since 1998

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    Yes, they are off to a great start.  But, it’s not that much different from last year.

    Carlos Beltran

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    Please, stick a fork in him.

    8 RF Carlos Beltran# 38 15 62 56 4 9 0 7 5 18 .161 .226 .268
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    Generated 4/27/2015.


    Yankees, Mets, No Excuses

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    The Yankees have won 6 of their last 7 games.  The Mets have won their last 11 games in a row.  Neither team can claim that they’re presently riding a bad wave.  And, they face each other now on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    No truth to the rumor that the Yankees are going to invite Luis Castillo to throw out the first pitch on Friday.  But, I suspect that the 7-Line gang  is going to invade Yankee Stadium like never before…

    The whole thing should make for some interesting sports talk radio in NYC on Monday morning.


    The Yankees, Bringing You Mediocrity Since 2013

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    Rk Year Tm G pythW-L% R RA
    1 2015 New York Yankees 9 .461 45 49
    2 2014 New York Yankees 162 .478 633 664
    3 2013 New York Yankees 162 .485 650 671
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 4/16/2015.

    Only the magic of Joe Girardi has transformed this mess into something slightly over a .500 ballclub.

    Of course, the idiocracy of the mediocrity is not holding those responsible for roster construction accountable.

    The Yankees 100 Club

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    Yeah, I know…it’s early.

    Pos Name Age G PA AB R H HR RBI BB SO BA
    1B Mark Teixeira# 35 4 20 16 2 3 2 2 4 3 .188
    2B Stephen Drew* 32 4 17 17 0 2 0 0 0 3 .118
    SS Didi Gregorius* 25 5 18 15 0 2 0 2 1 3 .133
    3B Chase Headley# 31 5 24 22 1 3 1 2 2 4 .136
    RF Carlos Beltran# 38 5 22 20 0 2 0 2 1 6 .100
    Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
    Generated 4/12/2015.


    The Bald Truth

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    You know things are bad when Bald Vinny says it’s so.

    I’m not usually a Podcast person. But, this one is worth listening to…as Vinny tells it like it is, in terms of what’s happening with Yankee Stadium.

    Rock On

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    Now, this is putting the pedal to the metal.

    When Is The Ryan Ruocco Yankeeography Coming Out?

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    I remember when Ryan Ruocco and Tara Cannistraci were just annoying at the Stadium.

    Mr. Potato Head’s protégé is flat out painful to listen to as he does Spring Training games on YES.

    Yankees To Finish Last In 2015?

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    That’s what it says here.

    What? No Suzyn Waldman As Wendy Peffercorn?

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    Your Off The Mark, Teixeira

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    From July 29, 2012 through the end of the 2014 season, Mark Teixeira has played in 165 games for the Yankees.

    During that time, his BA/OBA/SLG line was .209/.306/.388 in 593 At Bats.

    He will be paid $46 million by the Yankees over the next two years.

    Counting For Starters

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    The 2015 Yankees are counting on CC Sabathia’s knee to hold up. And, they are counting on Masahiro Tanaka’s elbow not exploding. But, there’s more!

    The are also counting on Michael Pineda’s maturity, Ivan Nova’s recovery, and, some sort of Eliza Doolittle miracle with Nathan Eovaldi.

    Basically, their entire starting rotation is counting on something that’s not favorable.

    This may just be the season where Chris Capuano makes 25 starts for the Yankees and leads the team in that category for the season.

    Count on that.

    Can’t Tell The 2015 Players Without A Scorecard

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    As of today, here are your 2015 New York Yankees on Opening Day:

    Brian McCann
    J.R. Murphy
    Mark Teixeira
    Garrett Jones
    Stephen Drew
    Jose Pirela
    Didi Gregorius
    Brendan Ryan
    Alex Rodriguez
    Chase Headley
    Brett Gardner
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Carlos Beltran
    Chris Young
    CC Sabathia
    Masahiro Tanaka
    Michael Pineda
    Nathan Eovaldi
    Chris Capuano
    Andrew Miller
    Dellin Betances
    David Carpenter
    Adam Warren
    Justin Wilson
    Esmil Rogers or Gonzalez Germen

    Girardi’s Binder may be the team MVP. There’s going to be a lot of mixing and matching required this season.

    Seriously, of the 25/26 players listed above, I would NOT be shocked if 14 or 15 of them spend some time on the disabled list at one point or another during the season. Basically, the names have changed, somewhat. But, 2015 in Yankeeland is going to be a lot like 2014 – sans the Jeter Farewell Tour spin that the organization can use to sell the season.

    Hello There

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    200 days ago, I walked away from this blog. After 9 years and 8-plus months of doing it, for several reasons, it seemed like the time had come. (Besides, at one point, I was talking about 10 years being enough. So, I just got a head-start on my retirement.)

    Do I miss it? Once in a blue moon, yes, something comes up where I want to write about it. But, for the most part, life keeps me busy enough to be distracted with things to fill my time.

    In any event, since my exit was somewhat abrupt, I wanted to drop a post here…now…to share some thoughts. (Yeah, commas and ellipses! Did you miss them?)

    I sincerely appreciate everyone’s interest over the years in what I had to share here. Well…most of it. Honestly, the trolls and trouble-makers weren’t appreciated. But, that’s the nature of the internet. And, I suppose you have to take the bad with the good.

    It was a wild ride. I still cannot believe that I wrote about every freaking game from 2005 through 2009. What was I thinking? And, that whole SNY.tv thing from March 2008 through February 2010 seems surreal now – like it happened to someone else. (Actually, since then, it has…many times over.) I could add many more memorable milestones and events here. But, that’s all in the past.

    I want to name a some faithful followers – many of whom were here for the whole run – with a shout-out now. Several of those who I had the pleasure of meeting in person and/or getting to know better on the side. But, there’s so many of you that I don’t want to run the risk of missing anyone. (Besides, you all know who you are!)

    The blog was a great outlet for me to have fun writing. You guys and gals were something that I never expected. You also made this destination interesting for all those reading it.

    I hope everyone has a great holiday season and best wishes for the new year.

    Oh…and…thanks, for everything. If I live to be ninety, I will always remember that I once wrote a blog for nearly a decade and it was pretty popular at one time for a spell. Yeah, me – go figure!

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