• The Baby Bombers – The Inside Story of The Yankees Next Dynasty

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    “The Baby Bombers – The Inside Story of The Yankees Next Dynasty” by Bryan Hoch hits book sellers on March 6th. I was fortunate to receive a preview copy and can share some information on the book at this time.

    First, and foremost, this book is beautifully written. Bryan Hoch has amazing story-telling skills. It’s a rich and deep reading experience – every page, from the start until the finish.

    Secondly, it’s page-turner that you will not want to put down. Sometimes books are “good” but you do have to force yourself to read them. This is not the case with “The Baby Bombers – The Inside Story of The Yankees Next Dynasty.” You will skip other things to make time to read this book. I found myself carrying it around with me and reading it anywhere and everywhere because I wanted to read it.

    Lastly, it’s full of insider information and fascinating backstories. It’s a must read for Yankees fans and an enjoyable and insightful read for any baseball fan.

    Remember “The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty” that came out almost 14 years ago? “The Baby Bombers – The Inside Story of The Yankees Next Dynasty” by Bryan Hoch is very much like that great book – except on the front end of the story rather than being on the back end. I highly recommend this book.

    Brett Gardner, 2018

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    Big decision on Gardner at the end of this season. It’s a $12.5M Team Option, or, a $2M Buyout.

    You could make a case that Gardner is one of the ten best left-fielders, all-around, in the major leagues. But, he will be 35-years old in 2019.

    You could make a case that Gardner is one of the Top 25 Yankees players of all-time. But, you also have Stanton, Judge, Hicks, and maybe Ellsbury and Frazier on the 40-man roster in 2019. Lastly, Cave, McKinney and Florial are in the wings.

    It would be fair to say that Gardner is a leader on the Yankees team. But, it’s also fair to say that he’s basically been a league average offensive player the last 3 years and his real value comes from playing the field. And, when the glove, arm, and legs start to go, he’s not a $12 million player.

    I’m sure that Gardner saw the free agent market this past off-season. He’s probably still waiting to see what happens with Melky Cabrera and what kind of deal there is for him.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of season Gardner posts in 2018 and what that means for him afterwards.

    Second And Third

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    I really don’t understand the debate around who is playing second and third for the Yankees this season.

    Does it matter?

    We’re talking about the 8th and 9th slots in the batting order – and the first seven slots are loaded.

    Seriously, you could play Ronald Torreyes and Tyler Wade, both, in the infield. And, as long they catch everything in the field, it doesn’t matter what they do with the bat. Literally, they could post an OPS of .600, and, who cares?

    Maybe it will be Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres? Or, maybe it will be Danny Espinosa and/or Jace Peterson?

    As long as it’s not me and you, the Yankees are going to be fine. This team is not going to win or lose because of who is batting 8th and 9th.

    96 In 18

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    PECOTA has the Yankees winning 96 games this season. And, all things considered, I think that is a reasonable projection.

    Of course, things can always go wrong. Stanton could miss 50 or more games with an injury. Judge could have a sophomore jinx. Tanaka’s elbow could blow out. Bird could prove to be injury prone. There’s probably 20 things that COULD go wrong. But, if MOST things do go well, this Yankees team should win more than 95 games this season.

    The last time I was “this excited” about a Yankees team heading into a season was probably Spring Training of 2001.

    Actually, that 2001 season started a helluva six year run for the Yankees where they were a beast and they really got fat on some weak teams – averaging 98.7 wins a season. Yes, almost 99 wins a year for 6 years! But, of course, there were no rings during that incredible run. And, that’s why most don’t even think about it.


    96 in 2018 is a fair expectation. Anything less than 94 is a failure. Maybe it could be closer to 100? But, 96 has a nice…well…let’s hope it has a ring to it.

    The Toddfather

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    Mets got him really cheap. Maybe the Yankees think they can get Moustakas cheaper?

    Happy 20th Cashiversary!

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    Today is Brian Cashman’s 20th Anniversary as the Yankees’ GM.

    If it was up to me, I still would have fired him after the 2008 season.

    The Yankees Problem That No One Wants To Talk About

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    Unless Aaron Hicks starts taking grounders at third, the Yankees have TOO MANY outfielders on their roster. It’s really a shame that they could not unload Jacoby Ellsbury. Yes, it’s good (?) insurance in case someone gets hurt – and Hicks got hurt a lot last year. But, Ellsbury is the 5th outfielder, at best, now on this team. And, he’s going to be a bad citizen if he only gets a couple of PA a week. Hopefully he lights it up this spring and then the Yankees can move him – even if it means eating money.

    Miguel Andújar

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    I love Todd Frazier’s leadership and what he adds to the clubhouse. That said, I am more excited about Miguel Andújar in 2018 than I am for Gleyber Torres. The kid hit the cover off the ball last year. Let him play third, bat him eighth, and see what happens. The only possible issue for him could be the lack of a mentor on the team who understands his upbringing and culture. Maybe Sanchez and Severino could help? But, they are kids themselves still.

    Andy Pettitte & Jim Palmer, Side By Side

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    The numbers (here) do not lie.

    Pettitte During WAR Time

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    The Top 8 pitchers in WAR from 1995 to 2013 are Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay, Mike Mussina, Greg Maddux and Andy Pettitte. Johnson and Pettitte are the only LHP in this top eight. (During this time period, Pettitte threw 3,316 regular season innings – by far the most of any pitcher from 1995 through 2013. Only Pettitte, Livan Hernandez, Maddux, Jamie Moyer and Tim Wakefield had 3,000+ IP during that span.)

    Big Game Pitcher

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    “Jack Morris was a big game pitcher.” Andy Pettitte made 44 post-season starts and his team won 26 of those games. No one else in baseball history has made that many post-season starts where his team won. Next on the list is Tom Glavine with 18 team wins in 35 post-season starts. Pettitte himself earned the win in 19 of those 26 games.


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    Mike Mussina pitched in 537 big league games – all but one as a starter. 157 were in Camden Yards. 136 were in Yankee Stadium. 27 were Fenway Park. 23 were in Toronto. 18 were in the old Homerdome in Minny. And, 10 were in old Tiger Stadium. That’s 69% of his games pitching in parks that were hitter friendly. Oh, and, his also had two games in Coors Field, and, 6 in the old Kingdome, for what it’s worth. That would push the number to 70% of his career total in hitter’s parks. Lastly, he pitched from 1991 through 2008. That’s 14 of 18 years where it was PED city in MLB without a policy against it. That’s why his ERA was 3.68 for his career. There’s no question that he deserved to be in Cooperstown.

    Chase Utley

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    Last year, Chase played for LA for a whopping total of $2 million bucks. Granted, he’s a SoCal guy and this was in his backyard. But, man, that was cheap.

    By most reports, the dude is a pro’s pro and a leader in the clubhouse. Sure, he is old. But, he’s got a Yankee Stadium swing and could be an excellent piece for the Yankees at 2B in terms of transitioning someone in.

    I would love to see it happen. But, I am the only one thinking about it.

    And, Here Comes Gardner

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    There’s a very good chance that Brett Gardner could someday bump Donnie Baseball out of the Top 25 Yankees team picture. Crazy…I know. (Thanks to Baseball-Reference.com for the mugshots.)

    Phil Nevin

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    Just saw an interview with him on the MLB Network show Hot Stove. Now, I kinda wish the Yankees had hired him as manager. Seems like a great baseball guy.

    The 2018 Yankees Are Stacked

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    In terms of talent and depth, this just may be the best Yankees team (in 2018) since…well, a really long time. They have it all. Offense? Really, we have to ask about it? Just stop…seriously. Defense? They should be OK. Starting pitching? The rotation is deep and talented. And, we know they have a great bullpen.

    That all said, it’s reasonable to have high expectations for the 2018 Yankees. They should finish first. At the least, they should win 91 games. And, it’s not being unfair to expect them to win 95 or more.

    If this team doesn’t win at least 91 games, it’s a failure. If they come in with closer to 85 wins, something has really gone wrong.

    If that does happen, I would assume it’s on Boone. And, then it’s on Cashman for hiring Boone.

    The whole Boone hiring smells of Cashman trying to prove that he is smart. And, we’ve seen that before…

    Yeah, I know “He traded for Stanton!” Well, yeah, and he signed Ellsbury too. And, sure “He drafted Judge!” Well yeah, he also drafted Kaprielian, Lindgren, Jagielo, Hensley, Bichette, Culver and a million other high pick duds. And, correct “He signed Tanaka!” Well, do we really want to talk about that…Kei Igawa, cough, cough…

    That’s the thing with Cashman. He’s the Chris Carter of GMs. Yeah, once in a while, he connects. But, he swings and misses A LOT.

    In any event, give him credit for putting together a SUPER roster for 2018. Now, if it goes wrong, and it’s because of Boone, then, once again, Cashman goes down on strikes.

    How To Acquire Manny Machado

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    Call up the Orioles and offer them Clint Frazier, Miguel Andujar and either Dellin Betances or Luis Cessa. That should do it.

    Yankees Trade Jaime Lannister

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    Too bad they had to throw in Bryan Mitchell. I thought he had David Phelp potential, at the worst.

    Giancarlo Stanton

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    Holy Crap. (More to come as the news gets more clear.)

    What I Took Away From The Boone Presser

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    One thing above all else stood out to me. And, I wasn’t the only one to note it:

    Boone … conceded that he was at his son’s football game when general manager Brian Cashman called to ask if he wanted to interview for the job.

    THIS, to me, speaks VOLUMES on what went down here.

    Boone didn’t throw his hat in the ring. Cashman asked him to do it. My guess is that Cash has been watching Boone on ESPN for years and building a big chubby for him. On the flip side, Boone was probably watching layoff after layoff at ESPN and thought “Here’s a possible landing spot for me. Even if I fail, I’m going to get paid for the next three years.”

    This whole thing is going to go up in flames, mark my words.

    The other thing I took away from the presser is that Aaron Boone does not give off a commanding vibe. Hell, for a guy whose media-ability was supposed to be a strength, he seems like he was out of his league speaking at the presser.

    Maybe I am wrong here? Time will tell. But, I sincerely feel that this was a mistake. Of course, it will never stick on Cashman – it never does.

    The Sinister Six

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    Aaron Boone, Carlos Beltran, Hensley Meulens, Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge and Chris Woodward.

    If it’s Wedge, Cashman has really lost his mind.

    I would go with Meulens (from this group). If that happens, Thomson probably walks. And, so be it.

    Some think Beltran, being last interviewed before they announced no more interviews, is the guy.
    Me? I think the New York press will eat him alive.

    Hensley Meulens

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    Must see TV:

    I am still pissed that Girardi was dismissed. But, it would be interesting to see what Bam Bam can do.

    Joe Girardi

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    He managed the team for 10 full seasons and averaged 91 wins a year. He was never an embarrassment to the franchise off the field.

    Good luck finding someone better than that…

    Game 7

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    In my lifetime, the Yankees have only won Game 7 once – the Boone home run game (and I was there for that one). I just missed the McCovey liner game by one month (since I was born in November ’62). I don’t remember 1964. But, I sure did suffer the pain of 2001 and 2004. So, in the last 20,000 days, the Yankees are 1-3 in Game Sevens. (The Yankees did win Game 5 in the ALCS back in 1976 and 1977 – before that was a seven game series. But, if you’re going to count Game Fives, then the Yankees are also 5-4 in Game 5 of all the ALDS that they have played too.) In any event, if the Yankees do win tonight, it will be a pretty big deal.

    Game 6

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    There are 34 times in his career where Justin Verlander pitched 5 innings or less and allowed 4 earned runs or more.

    Basically, he gets rocked 1 out of every 11 starts. Hey, he ain’t God, man!

    Seriously, Yankees, do your thing. Keep the game close and get to their bullpen. Win it in six!!

    I’m A Believer

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    Been away on business and crazy, insanely, busy lately.

    In any event, I am now a believer.

    Never thought that they had a chance after Game 2 of the ALDS. Now, they have won me over.

    Yes, Houston is a super team. But, I think the Yankees can beat them.

    This team has a ton of character guys. It’s actually amazing how many…Todd Frazier, CC, Gardy, Robertson, Didi, Headley, Judge, Holliday, Bird…and many others. It’s an easy team to like…

    Feels like 1996. Go Yankees!!

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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    Man, Game 2 of the ALDS in Cleveland was a crusher. To play for THAT LONG and not get the win. Brutal. And, Ronald Torreyes getting caught on the back pick at second? Inexcusable.

    Know what? It’s been a nice run. But, seriously, the Yankees are not in the same class as the Indians or Astros right now. Maybe in a couple of years it will be different. But, now? That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

    Post-Season Predictions

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    No one asked. And, this is not scientific. But, here are my post-season predictions: Yankees over Twins. Diamondbacks over Rockies. Indians over Yankees. Diamondbacks over Dodgers. Astros over Red Sox. Cubs over Nationals. Astros over Indians. Diamondbacks over Cubs. Astros over Diamondbacks.

    Yankees In 2017 Post-Season!

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    Hey, that’s some rebuilding year!

    Seriously, the Yankees were much better this season than I ever expected. It’s been fun.

    Know what? I like their chances in the post-season. For sure, they can beat the Twins. And, once you get into the real playoffs, then they have a shot. Of course, they need all the big guys to show up and play well. You can’t have the studs pulling an A-Rod.

    Wildcard Thoughts

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    Assuming the Yankees have a chance to set up their rotation for the Wildcard game – and they should! – who would be their choice for starting pitcher? Severino? Tanaka? Sabathia? Gray? Do you go with the season stats (Severino)? Or, do you with experience (Tanaka)? Or, do you want a lefty (Sabathia)? Or, what if Gray is great over his last few starts? Do you go with the hot hand? At the least, it’s nice to have choices.

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