• April 27th vs. The Angels

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    I elected to watch Blade Trinity on DVD tonight instead of the game. Based on the outcome of the game, looks like I made the right choice. (For the record, Trinity was OK. Not as terrible as the box-office results and reviews would lead you to believe. It was not as good as the first two Blade movies – but, if you’re a fan of the genre, it’s worth checking out on your own terms, meaning when it’s a good fit for you in terms of your mood and time.)

    On the game today, I’m not sure, but, I would guess that the majority of the time that you have less than a dozen baserunners in a game, hit into three DPs, and have a guy thrown out at the plate, you’re not going to light up the scoreboard. One run a game is just not going to do it in the Bronx. No shock on the “L” tonight.

    Mussina is vexing, eh? I’ve done some statistical comparisons on him. There are not many pitchers who have the same relative results as him, career-wise, through the same age – and few of those that do were RHP. Therefore, I can find nothing that screams “A pitcher like Moose is usually toast once he hits 35.” Still, he had the worst year of his career in 2004 (albeit shortened due to injury) and he has not got off to a fast start this year. At some point, the questioning on him has to get more severe. And, that point is probably about three weeks away.

    Brown goes tomorrow. Oh, boy. Maybe he’ll surprise us? Maybe I should see what else has come out this week on DVD?

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