• April 28th vs. The Angels

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    It’s pretty darn depressing when the Yankee highlight for the game is Jason Giambi hitting a ground ball to the left of second base.

    New York actually got a decent start out of Kevin Brown and wasted it – being held to run one by a pitcher with a lifetime road ERA over five and an overall ERA this year that was just as bad.

    Discounting April 18th through the 21st, where the Yankees split a two-game series with Tampa Bay and then won a two-game series in Toronto, the Yankees have now lost 5 three-game series in a row.

    This is the first time in the last 15 years that the Yankees will have a losing record for the month of April.

    In two weeks, the Yankees have a west coast road trip and then a Mets series (with a Boston series not far behind that). Things better improve before that time – or else I could really see Big Stein making a change.

    Lastly, is it just me, or, does Vladimir Guerrero look like he’s playing in Frankenstein’s body? When he swings, runs, fields, etc., it has “kids, don’t try this at home” written all over it. Sure can’t argue with the results though……….

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