• April 30th vs. The Blue Jays

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    That was the sound of Tony Womack’s game-winning hit in the bottom of the 9th today. What a wonderful sound. It’s music to the Yankee fans ears. Let’s hope that it serves as the symbolic strike of midnight where this team now turns into what it should be (instead of what we’ve been watching so far).

    Just like Clark Kent has a toilet that needs an occasional cleaning, your friendly neighborhood Yankees blogger has a house to clean. And, I must confess that I decided to do some cleaning during the game today. And, while vacuuming this afternoon, I just happened to look up at the TV screen at the exact minute that Koskie hit his HR off Gordon to tie the game at three. The minute he hit it, I yelled out “Noooooooooooo!”

    I bet the neighbors on both sides of my house heard me – even though I had vacuum running, and Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits blasting in the CD player, as a filter. And, truth be told, at that minute, I started to think “This team is still snake-bit from the ALCS. They’re playing close games just waiting for something bad to happen – and that attitude is making the bad things happen.”

    If this was true, let’s hope that 9th inning rally today takes off the whammy-hex.

    The kid Wang looked real good today. He looked so good that we’ll probably trade him now for Rick Rhoden Jr. In any event, why, oh why, did they have to give him Andy Hawkins old number?


    Back in 1984 and 1985, for some crazy reason, I kept a game log of sorts, for every Yankee game. Just a few notes per day, etc. (I guess I was blogging then in a way, twenty years before it existed?) I just ran across those notebooks today. Here’s what I had down for 4/30/84:

    – @ Chicago, Lost 5-3
    – April record (8-13), last place, 10 1/2 back (Det. 18-2)
    – Curt Brown now w/club, Montefusco disabled – 4/28
    – Mattingly played centerfield

    Thoughts on this today:
    1. Thank goodness no one in the AL East this year got off to a 18-2 start.
    2. Who the heck is/was Curt Brown?

    I’ll try and post a few more of these “look backs” throughout the season – for fun.

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