• Javy Vazquez – Now You Tell Us?

    Posted by on May 16th, 2005 · Comments (3)

    From just about August last year forward, we heard theories about what was wrong with Javier Vazquez. He can’t stomach pitching in New York. Or, he’s tipping his pitches. Or, he’s not 100% healthy.

    And, that last point was denied – over and over again. Yet, now, according to a TSN report we hear:

    As Vazquez began throwing more crisply and consistently in spring training, he realized how much he was affected by the pain and weakness he had experienced behind his right shoulder blade in the second half of last season. “It altered his release point, impacted his velocity and ultimately crushed his confidence,” a friend of Vazquez says. Vazquez was an All-Star before struggling in the final two months. His velocity, which had dropped to 89 to 90 mph, is back at 93 to 94. . . .

    “Pain and weakness…….behind his right shoulder blade”? Did anyone hear any complaint about that last year – ever? I’m sorry, but, if Yankees fans want to string up Kevin Brown for punching a wall last season and costing the team….then, you have to also make room on that tree for another and give Vazquez some rope time too.

    If he knew that he was injured and it was obviously adversely impacting his ability to pitch, then he was doing a disservice to the team by continuing to go out there and blow games.

    An attempt at nobility by Javy? Perhaps, I guess? But, there comes a time to put your shield down and allow an able bodied warrior to take your place (when you know that you cannot function).

    Especially when it’s Game 7 of the ALCS.

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    1. Jason O.
      May 17th, 2005 | 9:34 am

      Vazquez acted “squirrely” before his trade to the Yankees, (remember he had to be cajoled to take a physical) so this does not surprise me.

      I’m “pissed” (as Giambi would say) that El Duque is gone. After his 2nd half performance last year, I’m not sure there’s anything else he could have done.

    2. May 17th, 2005 | 10:43 am

      I loved El Duque. But, reportedly, he was too much to deal with – only willing to pitch when he felt 100%, moodly in the clubhouse, etc.

      I want to see what he’s going to do for a full year in Chicago.

    3. Phil
      May 18th, 2005 | 1:45 pm

      keep in mind it does say a “friend” of Vasquez….

      have we seen anthing said by the trainer or D-Backs manager that would suggest injury?

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