• Life After The Big Stein

    Posted by on May 20th, 2005 · Comments (0)

    Stephan Clark of the Lake County (CA) Record-Bee recently wrote:

    Imagine if you will that day when George Steinbrenner is called to the Big Bambino in the Sky. I’m not wishing him there, at least no sooner than God would will it. I’m only saying: Imagine.

    Because when Steinbrenner’s gone, who will take over?

    The 75-year-old’s sons (Hank, 47, and Hal, 36) have recently taken an increased role in the club, as has Steinbrenner’s son-in-law, the 50-year-old Steve Swindall. So while I can’t say who will assume the throne, I can say there are no shortage of candidates.

    But what if there’s a struggle, and one son wants to cash out when another doesn’t? The team could be put up for sale and sold to the highest bidder.

    A few years ago, a group of highrollers led by John Henry bought the Boston Red Sox for a record $660 million.

    With the YES Network included in Steinbrenner’s holdings, the Yankees could easily go for twice that.

    We’ve all seen in the recent NY/NJ sports scene how co-owners just don’t work – even when they’re family. I think about this sometimes. The state of the Yankees in about 10 years from now could be quite a mess. We should enjoy what we have now – because it could be a long time before we see it again, if ever.

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