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    Posted by on May 25th, 2005 · Comments (1)

    In the Daily News today, there’s a story where Alex Rodriguez discloses that he’s receiving therapy sessions as “a maintenance thing.”

    In the feature, A-Rod’s wife is quoted as saying: “It’s because of therapeutic intervention that he’s been able to discover and flourish as a person.”

    This makes perfect sense to me as Mrs. A-Rod has a psychology degree. Why would/should anyone be surprised that Alex is now seeing a therapist? If his wife was a vegan and Alex said he was giving up meat, would you be shocked? If she was into Kabbalah and Rodriguez said he was going to convert, would that seem like something very strange for a new husband to do? This type of stuff happens all the time once people get married.

    Actually, this whole story reminds me of a thought that I think is a Tony Robbins pitch. If I recall correctly, it’s about John Belushi. The point being: Here was a guy who had it all – fame, money, millions followed his career with interest, etc. – and it was not enough to make him happy and he turned to drugs which led to his death. The things that many of us think bring happiness (dough, adoration, etc.) are not always something that makes you a lock to be happy. So, if therapy helps A-Rod deal with all the baggage that fame, money, etc., brings….then, good for him. It can’t hurt. And, if he helps someone else by him being a role model of sorts with this, then it’s even better.

    Rodriguez has been a pin cushion for many on a number of things for a while now. I know that I’ve stuck a few in there at various times in sundry outlets. Some of those jabs are deserved and others were probably not – depending on your scoring system. But, clearly, this news does not warrant any additional poking at Alex. This is a good thing.

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    1. Raf
      May 25th, 2005 | 6:05 pm

      I saw that. Good for him.

      It seems a lot of people are into therapy; it isn’t for “crazy” people anymore. Isn’t it therapeutic to talk things out?

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