• Damon: Cannot Let The Yankees Overtake Us

    Posted by on May 26th, 2005 · Comments (4)

    From an AP report:

    “We’re a really bad team right now,” [Red Sox] center field Johnny Damon said Wednesday night after a 6-1 loss to Toronto, the Red Sox’s sixth in nine games. “We need to win tomorrow. It’s a must win. We need to get back to that stage where every game is a must win instead of just saying ‘Oh, we’ll be OK.’ It’s a different year.”

    “We were in trouble on that West Coast swing, and we were in trouble these first two games here,” Damon said. “New York’s climbing. We have to start doing something or it could be a long summer. … We have a big series this weekend. Whether or not the Yankees are going to overtake us or not, we can’t let that happen.”

    I guess Damon missed it 5 months ago when I predicted that it was going to be a long summer for the Red Sox in 2005.

    Of course, Johnny, your team is always welcome to try……but, basically, it’s like trying to ice skate uphill. Then again, idiot is as idiot does, I guess?

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    1. Jason O.
      May 26th, 2005 | 5:25 pm

      SL, I know you’ve got a weblog to run and all, but reminding us that Johnny Damon is an idiot is like reminding us that the Kennedy family has bad luck.

      Plus, he could be in pinstripes next year!

    2. May 26th, 2005 | 8:00 pm

      I have a feeling that Damon will not be a Sox after this year – but, NY? I’d much rather see them make a run at Kotsay.

    3. JJay
      May 27th, 2005 | 8:21 am

      I hate Johnny Damon interviews and quotes. At least since I could read this one and not here it I didn’t have to hear the “umm’s”, “aaaah’s” and “ya know’s”.

      There is practically no chance at all that Damon is back with the Sox next year. I pray he doesn’t come to New York especially since he has stated he wants a SIX YEAR CONTRACT.

    4. May 27th, 2005 | 9:29 am

      I always seem to notice in Damon’s grin and eyes, when being interview, a look that says “Quick, say something stupid so I look cool.” Then again, I am biased.

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