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    OK, so, now we know. This whole thing has been Mitch Seoane’s fault.

    I just read in Baseball America the other day that the Yankees added Seoane (who was a minor league manager) to their “support staff” in the middle of May because of his ability to throw BP. The players liked him in Spring Training and this led to the addition.

    Clearly, Mitch was doing something in batting practice to put these guys into a slump, right? No BP tonight and the bats come alive! (And, yes, please, I’m only kidding with the blame laying here.)

    Interesting game tonight. On the “checked swing” thing, that was the most heated that I’ve ever seen Torre get with an ump. Personally, “checked swings” have been an issue for me for a long time. “Checked swing” is an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as a checked swing. Once the swing is started, it’s a swing. If these were called properly, in that they are all swings, it would make the game move a lot faster.

    I have to confess on something. When Mike Borzello caught A-Rod’s 400th, I thought at first that he was going to toss it into the stands and I screamed out “No!” He faked me good on that one.

    Did Michael Kay really say “professional hitter Rey Sanchez” in the 9th? Gosh. That’s just silly. But, it’s not as annoying as Kay referring to Kim Jones as “Lil’ Kim Jones” or him saying “for more on the YES network, go out and buy a computer, and then log on to yesnetwork.com.” Michael, things are funny once, maybe twice. Anything past that is old.

    It’s too bad that the Yankees are off on June 9th. It would have been nice to get right back in the saddle after a game like this one.

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    1. Jason O.
      June 9th, 2005 | 9:43 am

      The Tino/Joe incident was the most obvious blown call I’ve seen in baseball in recent memory. More importantly, Joe, up five runs at the time, indicated with his intensity that this season is far from over, and that is very satisfying.

      I think you can lay that Sheffield quote to rest SL.

    2. June 9th, 2005 | 10:02 am

      One game. Give me some more and I’ll be happy to throw dirt on it then. [wink]

    3. June 9th, 2005 | 10:44 am

      I’m with Steve on this. And Joe’s “blow up” was totally for show. He was trying to get kicked out and the ump wasn’t having it because he knew that’s what Joe was trying to do. The way I saw it, he only got tossed because he wouldn’t leave the field until he did. In a closer game or at a time when the team didn’t need Torre put on an “event” he doesn’t even raise his voice there.

    4. hopbitters
      June 9th, 2005 | 11:03 am

      I couldn’t agree with you more Cliff. Why bother at that point? Add a few more pointless runs before the day off? And he was so passionate about it that it took three minutes to get tossed. Pinella would have been ejected before he got to the top step of the dugout.

    5. Jason O.
      June 9th, 2005 | 11:06 am


      You saw the swing: the Clark’s back was facing the first baseman and he’d pulled the bat entirely around his body.

      He was supporting Tino, and even if it was planned, that show of emotion by Torre was an important symbol for the entire organization.

      The last time I checked the team was fighting for the entire season…Now is the time for raised voices.

    6. JJay
      June 9th, 2005 | 12:03 pm

      The ump was really frustrating me. It was obvious Torre’s intentions were to get tossed so why make him waste 3 minutes? Just toss him already. I’m glad Torre did what he did. I just wish the ump would’ve tossed him sooner or with Torre would have REALLY blown up.

    7. June 9th, 2005 | 12:37 pm

      Jason O — yes he went around, yes Tino getting tossed was BS, yes Joe should have gone out to support his player. All I’m saying is that I don’t think the “emotion” Joe was showing was entirely genuine. I think it was for show. I don’t doubt that he was angry, but he usually expresses his anger in a controlled manner and I think he made a conscious decision to do it differently last night. It wasn’t his emotion bubbling over.

    8. Phil
      June 9th, 2005 | 1:37 pm

      my earlier post about “waiting for that moment” may have happened….or maybe I am just reaching for anything….

      When A-Rod hit #400- I never saw a dugout so “full of love”….everyone hugging A-Rod- laughter and smiles in the dugout…..a huge difference from the prior 10 games.

      Hopefully 4 months from now- we still look back at that as “the moment”.

      Agreed- Torre needed to get out there and argue

      Agreed- all check swings should be swings

      Agreed- Michael Kay has to change his routine…personally I am tied of the “please- all we ask is that you give us three hours a day- I promise it will be worth it”….lame-o-rama.

      All this…and we pick up a game on the O’s!

    9. Raf
      June 9th, 2005 | 2:47 pm

      So I guess it’s safe to say Kay got worse since he got on the Yank payroll?

      A shame, I used to really look forward to his comments on the Yankee postgame, when he was working with the NY Daily News

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