• June 22nd vs. The Devil Rays

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    You know, part of me wants to say that Pavano actually pitched a good game up until that 1-2 pitch to Green in the 7th. But, the reality of today is that Carl allowed 2 homers this afternoon to guys who really should be in Triple-A (and that cost him and the Yankees the game). I’m beginning to come over to the side that Pavano is basically a number four type starter and he’s going to run hot and cold (and last year was a fluke year for him in that he was more hot than cold).

    More importantly, how soon until Sturtze’s arm falls off? Torre is a killer to pen men, no question. How Rivera has survived all these years is a miracle. Actually, if Mo had remained a set-up man in 1997, maybe he would have been cooked by 1998?

    One week ago, I wrote that the Yankees magic numer was five. By this, I meant “If they lose more than 5 games over the rest of this month, it will be bad news.”

    Well, it’s now down to three with seven games to go. They better win tomorrow.

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    1. phil
      June 22nd, 2005 | 5:57 pm

      Funny comment I heard today:

      Torre was quoted as saying re: Johnson

      “Randy Johnson needs to be Randy Johnson in order to be effective”

      The response was “So, can we ask that Randy Johnson Be Brad Halsey instead for 1.5 Million dollars a year?”

      I thought that was clever.

      As for Pavano…his hype is almost the pitching version of Beltran. Pavano has one great year in the NL, and it’s overlooked that overall he is slightly above average.

      but jeez- we must win tomorrw just to split against the D-Rays….yikes.

    2. phil
      June 22nd, 2005 | 6:04 pm

      Steve- so they need to go 4-3 in their next 7 to hit 11-5, correct?

      With the way the Sox and O’s are playing- I think we need to up that to 5-2

      Win tomorrow
      Take 2 of three from mets
      Take 2 of three from O’s

      If we lose tomorrow we might be 7 or 8 games back by Monday and might have to sweep the Orioles just to stay in the race.

    3. JJay
      June 22nd, 2005 | 7:06 pm

      I’m curious as to when reality is going to set in. These are the Devil Rays. It’s annoying to see fans think the whole season is turning around based on 1 specific win (this has happened a number of times this year) only to see the Yankees embarass themselves in the next game.

      One week ’til July. Time to face facts. This Yankees team will most likely finish the season a few games over .500.

    4. phil
      June 23rd, 2005 | 12:07 pm

      Granted- wfans, like myself, are grasping at games to say “maybe this will be the game”…there’s always something you can point back to.

      I still think it will be the Giambi HR (geez am I a pathetic optimist!)….they are 7-2 since then…so far.

      Varitek putting a glove in A-Rods face was huge and turned their whole season around….will that happen for the Yanks? has it happened? I guess its too early to tell.

      We haven’t been in this position since 1993….this is all new to me!

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