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    Posted by on June 22nd, 2005 · Comments (6)

    It seems like just about everyone needs to vent some on Womack.

    Why? Could it be his .352 OPS in the month of June, so far. Yes, that’s no typo. His OPS is .352.

    I’ve just come across this photo taken on April 5th of this year:


    Could it be possible (?) that Sox 1B Kevin Millar, in this meeting, is whispering to Tony: Remember what Henry and Lucchino told you. They’ll triple, under the table, tax-free, in cash, what Steinbrenner is paying you as long as you suck.

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    1. Don
      June 22nd, 2005 | 2:11 pm

      Yeah, well some need a whipping boy, I guess.

      But it’s the starting pitching that’s the problem. Inconsistency on that staff is maddening. Age seems to be telling as well (not for Pavano though). Womack is just a distraction from this teams real problems.

    2. hopbitters
      June 22nd, 2005 | 2:44 pm

      Pavano is doing exactly what he’s always done. He’s not going to become an ace just because you’re paying him like one. He’s had :

      5 negative RSAA seasons
      3 double-digit negative RSAA seasons
      2 positive RSAA seasons (both double-digit)
      a career -4 RSAA
      a career ERA+ of 100 – dead even
      a neutral W-L record of 59-56 (actual 57-58)

      He’s never led the league in anything. He’s close to the league-average pitcher and that’s how he’s pitching. If the Yankees are surprised by that, they simply weren’t paying attention.

      There’s nothing wrong with Womack. He’s a servicable defensive replacement/pinch runner. The fact that they insist on using him as a regular is not really his fault.

    3. Raf
      June 22nd, 2005 | 3:17 pm

      “Remember what Henry and Lucchino told you. They’ll triple, under the table, tax-free, in cash, what Steinbrenner is paying you as long as you suck.”


      I don’t think anyone here is suprised at what Womack, Wright, & Pavano are doing. If they are, as mentioned before, they weren’t paying attention.

      Yep, as I’ve said before, it’s the pitching. The offense is doing what it’s supposed to do. The pitching is the reason the Yanks aren’t doing as well as they should.

      hopbitters – good analysis

    4. Jen
      June 22nd, 2005 | 10:52 pm

      Larry at RLYW has created a “Put Tony Womack Out Of Our Misery” petition.


    5. Don
      June 23rd, 2005 | 3:07 am

      The offense is inconsistent. The team is 0-25 when scoring three runs or less.

    6. Raf
      June 23rd, 2005 | 7:49 am

      The offense may be inconsistent, the but the pitching is worse.

      The problem isn’t scoring runs, it’s preventing the other team from scoring.

      Looking at the runs scored/runs allowed, the Yanks are a .500 team. They’re among the league offensive leaders, and they’re trailing the league in pitching

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