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    Runs Saved Above Average (RSAA) is the amount of runs that a pitcher saved versus what an average pitcher would have allowed. A negative Runs Saved Above Average indicates a below average pitcher in this category.

    Here are Red Sox-Yankees pitcher results in RSAA for this season, through 6/18:

    Sox Pitcher (RSAA) ~ Yankees Pitcher (RSAA)


    Clement +7 ~ Johnson +6
    Myers +4 ~ Gordon +5
    Arroyo +2 ~ Mussina +2
    Wakefield +1 ~ Sturtze +2
    Wells 0 ~ Wang +1
    Timlin +12 ~ Rivera +9


    Foulke -2 ~ Groom -2
    Mantei -3 ~ Stanton -3
    Miller -3 ~ Pavano -4
    Embree -8 ~ Quantrill -8

    DL’ed GUYS that should be back

    Schiling -7 ~ Brown -10

    The Red Sox also have Halama at -6, but there’s no pitcher on the Yankees active roster now to match him up against.

    The numbers here pair off nicely. So, if the Yankees pitching is “terrible” then what is the Red Sox pitching?

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    1. Wahoo Sam
      June 23rd, 2005 | 2:15 pm

      Probably both Yankees and Bosox pitching sucks

      Here’s a chart from BP dated today
      Top 5 AL Offenses, by Equivalent Average (EqA)

      Team EqR EqA
      Baltimore Orioles 428.9 .300
      New York Yankees 398.7 .289
      Boston Red Sox 386.4 .287
      Texas Rangers 375.2 .282
      Tampa Bay Devil Rays 357.9 .276

      It’s not the hitting

    2. June 23rd, 2005 | 2:31 pm

      Note who is # 5.
      That’s part of the reason for the last 3 games.

    3. Raf
      June 23rd, 2005 | 2:41 pm

      Yanks pitching has been better than Boston, Boston’s hitting has been better than NY

    4. June 23rd, 2005 | 3:23 pm

      Raf, you care to double check that stat Wahoo Sam just posted?

      The Red Sox and Yankees both have had disappointing pitching. The trouble is that Schilling could save the Sox. The heartbreaking thing is that all of this could have been avoided had the Yankees signed Clement instead of Jaret Wright, or Clement and Jon Lieber instead of Pavano and Wright.

      I would like to take this opportunity to say I Told You So on Clement (long-time BRB readers and BP Radio listeners should know what I mean).

    5. June 23rd, 2005 | 3:40 pm

      Or……..Schilling could flop. He does have a few things working against him: age, inactivity, injury history, etc. How cool would that be?

    6. Paul in Fairfield
      June 23rd, 2005 | 11:50 pm

      Okay Steve, I usually just come here to read up on some good ‘ol fashion Boston bashing, but we have to be real here. The fact that you have decided to did through all of the bunk pitching statistics to finally come accross one that is comperable between the two teams is beneath you.
      Not only is this statistic useless, but it’s pretty much the most rediculous way to compare the two staffs. Let’s compare wins, ERA, WHIP, homeruns, and any other real statistic, but not this one. I love the Yankees, but I am not about to try and find a silver lining with this crap.
      Matt Clement has outpitched Randy Johnson in every category with the exception of SO, and even then, he’s right behind him. Pavano, in all his greatness, leads all of the league in hits allowed, and not to mention has given up more homeruns than Clement and Arroyo combined!
      These statistics are a little bit to generous to the Yankee staff, and maybe at the end of the year I would pay attention, but not now. To Date, Boston’s pitchers have pretty much dominated teams like the Angels, Texas, Detroit, Atlanta, and Cleveland…just to name a few. New York pitchers cannot even begin to say the same. They can’t get past the friggin Devil Rays! If any person on this site is going to tell me they would rather NY have Pavano, Writght, Brown, and Johnson over Clement, Arroyo, Wakefield, and Schilling, you deserve exactly what you are going through right now. Not only has Bostons pitchers outperformed NY to date, but when they met on the field, Boston pitchers dominated the Yankees like they were playing a little league team. If not for the greatly overrated run with the Mariners and A’s, even your bunk statistics would not be close to each other. The only advantage NY has over Boston now is Mariano, and even then we can’t count on that. This is something I think all us have to come to grips with. If Schilling comes back and is OK, we are not even going to be in contention. Even at 80% he’s better than Pavano, Brown, Wang, and god help us, Wright. Where do you think that NY is better than Boston? All biased asid, do you think the two would even be close had NY already played the teams that Boston has? Boston’s list of walk-overs is not even close to NY’s! They have not played KC, Brewers, or Tampa 9 TIMES! I would love to agree with you here, but while NY was getting bombed by Tampa this week, Boston was holding the central’s hottest team to nothing! In a week when I thought Boston would come back a little bit, we lost more ground – and it can all be blamed on the fact that they oupitch teams most of the time, and when they dont, they can always, and I mean always outhit them. Please don’t insult our intelligence in this way any more. Most times, I love reading your posts, but you have really sunk to new low with this one.
      I know the pain you feel, trust me, but trying to find ways to make a team that is clearly better than NY right now is not the way to make us feel better. Give credit where credit is due. We suck, and it can be blamed on our pitchers. They are pretty damn good, and that too can be blamed on their pitcing performances.

    7. Raf
      June 24th, 2005 | 3:36 pm

      “Raf, you care to double check that stat Wahoo Sam just posted?”

      No need to. Simply look at the number of runs scored vs the number of runs allowed.

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