• July 1st @ The Tigers

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    As today is July 1st, tonight was the first loss for the Yankees in the month of July, if they lose 10 more games this month, you can forget about the rest of this season.

    There’s an episode of the Little Rascals, called Birthday Blues. In that show, the mother of Dickie and little bro Spanky is upset because her birthday is forgotten. So, the boys, with help from Stymie, bake a huge cake with “prizes” in it. And, they throw a party where they sell slices for a dime – to raise money for Mom’s birthday gift. (The prizes were things like a hair brush, a pipe, a shoe, suspenders, a mousetrap, a rubber glove, a bar of soap, a hot water bottle, etc.) There’s a classic line given in a scene when the kids are eating the cake, comparing prizes, and one kid (looking at his “prize”) says to another “What did you get?” And, the other kid answers with “I ain’t got nothing but a bellyache.”

    I’m starting to think that the 2005 Yankees are that cake – flat for the most part, some surprises inside, but, for me, all I’m getting is a bellyache.

    And, Randy Johnson is a big part of that pain. If you were to look at the top 20 seasons by a starting pitcher, from 1996 through 2004, you would see that the Big Unit had 6 of those 20 seasons. (Pedro had 5 and Clemens had two.) It goes without saying that Randy Johnson, recently, has been one of the best – if not the best – pitchers in baseball. And, of course, the minute he puts on the Yankees pinstripes, he just another ingredient in a cake that sounds like this.

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