• Mid-Season Report Card, A Day Late

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    I saw Ken Singleton do a mid-season Yankees report card the other day on YES, so, why not me too (albeit a day late)?

    Overall Team Batting: B+
    Comments: Overall, the Yankees have, through the first half of this season (TFHS), one of the best offensive attacks in the AL.

    Batting at Home: A
    Comments: Same as above.

    Batting on the Road: C+
    Comments: The Yankees, TFHS, have been about league average in terms of effectiveness at the dish here.

    Batting with Runners in Scoring Position with 2 Outs: C+
    Comments: Same as above.

    Overall Team Pitching: D
    Comments: Actually, in terms of base runners per inning, the Yankees are about league average. What kills them is long base hits that they allow and allowing hits with runners in scoring position.

    Starting Pitching: D-
    Comments: Only TB and KC has been worse in terms of Opp. OPS, TFHS.

    Bullpen: C
    Comments: Without Rivera, this grade would be closer to an F.

    Outfield Defense: D
    Comments: No CF. Left fielders have been shaky. Sheffield in right gets bad jumps.

    Infield Defense: D
    Comments: Giambi at first is very poor. Cano needs to be more consistent. A-Rod at third has gone backwards. Jeter, while sure-handed and capable of big plays on pop-ups, lacks the range of younger, quicker, SS in the league.

    Catching/Game Calling: D
    Comments: Too many hits given up when ahead in the count, TFHS. Posada needs to be called on that.

    Overall Fielding: D
    Comments: See last three above.

    Overall Team Grade: C+
    Comments: There’s lots of room for improvement. The pitching and fielding go hand-in-hand. As one gets better, so will the other. This team has a chance to pull itself up to a “B” grade with a strong second half.

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