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    As this is being penned, it’s the top of the 5th inning and the Yankees are losing 12-1.

    I haven’t seen anything this one-sided since the last time I saw the cartoon short “Bambi Meets Godzilla” – which they would usually play before the midnight showing of a Cheech and Chong movie at the Jerry Lewis Cinema next to Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips (down in Mariners Harbor, Staten Island). For the record, that was around 1979.

    That’s a long time folks. I’m not even sure how much of this I can watch tonight. I’ve got the wide screen of Million Dollar Baby on DVD just sitting on top of the TV, screaming out “Watch me!”

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    1. Brad
      July 15th, 2005 | 10:22 pm

      Actually Steve, outside of opening day, the Sheff last inning HR off of Embree, and yesterday off Schilling, the Yanks have been practically laughed out of every game they have played the sox this year. It has taken a late inning HR or some other heroics for them to get it done. The Soxs’ hitting is just as good if not better, their pitching staff is worlds ahead as it stands now, and the Yanks have failed miserably in an attempt to match up with them this year. If the Yanks plan on starting any of the more recent experiments on the mound, the Red Sox have a distinct advantage over them three of five days- every week!
      And by the way, the Sox beat the Yanks by about the same margain in the last series, so this is hardly the most one-sided affair you’ve seen lately.
      Unless the Yankees plan on going to get another pitcher, in which case they will most surely lose Cano, Duncan, or both – I do not plan on seeing the Yankees being able to stay afloat with this garbage.
      Very short, or maybe very selective memory Steve. The Sox team is easily better than the Yanks as it stands now, and there is not much of spin you can put on it. The O’s beat up on the Sox every year, they played ten or so less home games than the Yanks in the first half, beat up on the Yanks (badly), and played the likes of the Angels twice, Atlanta, Texas twice, cleveland twice, and the O’s three times (when the Yanks played TB three) – so the fact that the Yanks are close is to be expected. However the schedule def. favors the Sox over the next three month, with the last month being almost exclusively at Fenway. I highly doubt the standings are going to remain so skewed in the next month – especially with the rotation woes of current.
      Nice try though.

    2. Jen
      July 15th, 2005 | 10:28 pm

      Hell, I didn’t make it past the 4th.

      “Bambi Meets Godzilla.” That brings me back. If I remember correctly, one of the cable stations (HBO?) used to play that as a filler. My brother and I loved that clip. I used to try to draw the end scene during art in first or second grade. (Come to think of it, that may explain a lot things.)

    3. Jen
      July 15th, 2005 | 10:35 pm

      You know, every Yankees blog seems to have a regular Red Sox fan or 2 that shows up once in a while to throw a few punches (and muck up a perfectly innocent post about a classic Spike and Mike cartoon I might add). Guess Brad is yours, Steve.

    4. Brad
      July 15th, 2005 | 11:31 pm

      Although a sox fan, quite possibly a bigger fan or realistic points of view. I read Steve’s post all the time, and very often find them to be quite remarkable, so the fact that I’m a sox fan does not take away from the fact that I speak the truth. I wasn’t gloating, nor was I talking of “hope” or “what ifs” – I was simply pointing out the obvoius truth to this season. I don’t always make posts (even when things get out of control on here), but when I do, it’s because I have a point that needs to be interjected – not because I’m trashing the Yanks (which I don’t do). I’m sorry you needed to point out the fact I’m a Sox fan to try to take away from my posts.

    5. July 15th, 2005 | 11:42 pm

      Hey, I don’t mind hearing from all quarters.

      As far as who is better, well, according to the standings, the Sox *are better than the Yankees* now, by 2.5 games, IIRC.

      What will that number be come October? Well, if someone really thinks that they know that, then stop wasting time here and head to Vegas – that’s what I would do, if I was so sure.

      Frankly, anything can happen over the next two and a half months. The best laid plans, etc. You never know. That’s why they play the games.

      I think we’re all old enough to have seen things happen to ball teams, good and bad, that no one ever expected. It’s the nature of the game – in that it’s linear and you don’t know what will happen next. That’s why must of us love it.

    6. Brad
      July 16th, 2005 | 2:55 am

      And, Old enough to have seen the most gut-wrenching, soul altering, tear-your-hair out moments in baseball history.

    7. Brad
      July 16th, 2005 | 4:45 am

      The Boston Red Sox season keeps gettin better.
      I’m not rubbing this in, or laughing at NY (so don’t get mad everyone), I’m just breaking the story for you:

      According to the online New York Post: The Starting pitcher for the New York Yankees on Sunday in Fenway is going to be none other than Al Leiter.
      This keeps getting better for me! At least Leiter has a scouting report to look at – most of which says take six or seven pitches, swing late, and swing real hard. Leiter will most surely leave the game in the fourth with 110 pitches if followed.
      Nice pickup NY 🙁

    8. Brad
      July 16th, 2005 | 7:08 am

      Yeah Sorry about that – the deals not done yet, but I posted from hearing it on the WFAN overnight.
      Should know better than to trust Gerry Recko.
      There is still hope for Yank fans that they don’t do this!

    9. July 16th, 2005 | 9:47 am

      There was an article posted in the Providence Journal 40 minutes ago that says the Red Sox have an interest in Leiter too.

    10. JeremyM
      July 16th, 2005 | 9:49 am

      I’d rather have a washed-up Leiter than a never-was May or Redding. Maybe Leiter can pull off a miracle like Doc Gooden did back in 2000, where he teeters that line all night and somehow pitches just good enough to keep them in the game.

    11. JeremyM
      July 16th, 2005 | 9:52 am

      And for the record, ‘teeters the line’ has nothing to do with cocaine.

    12. July 16th, 2005 | 10:33 am

      Since 2003, Al’s BB/9 rate has been around 5. That’s a lot of teetering.

    13. Don
      July 16th, 2005 | 1:43 pm

      Leiter’s done, put a fork in him.

    14. Jen
      July 16th, 2005 | 9:04 pm

      Sorry, Brad. My comment were meant to be in jest. Guess it didn’t come across that way.

      If this season has taught me something, it’s don’t count anything in or out merely by what’s on paper. Maybe Leiter will stink the place up, or maybe he’ll find a bit of his old self by coming back home. We’ll just have to wait and see. That’s why they play the games, right?

    15. Jen
      July 16th, 2005 | 9:06 pm

      Oh, and today, the guy I work with at the shop told me that he also opted to watch Million Dollar Baby instead of the game last night.

    16. philly phil
      July 17th, 2005 | 10:19 pm

      Brad…”Leiter will most surely leave the game in the fourth with 110 pitches if followed”

      Don “Leiter’s done, put a fork in him.”

      How would you like your crow served?

    17. July 17th, 2005 | 10:53 pm

      First weekend after the DVD came out, no shocker Jen.

      Phil, you’d make a heckuva scout. One game? Don’t you want to see more?

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