• July 22nd @ The Angels

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    Well, at least the bullpen is rested for today. I give Leiter some credit for that.

    If anything, this should tell you that Sheffield is a huge key for the Yankees. He’s 1 for 16 in his last four games, and the Yankees have lost three of those contests. I’m not blaming Sheff for the losses. I’m just saying that when he hits, it’s a whole different team.

    This was another game where I could not stay awake. I passed out in the 3rd inning and the woke up around the 7th and threw in the towel and went to bed.

    From what I saw in the last two games, I would say that the Angels are pumped. K-Rod in the 9th, after the final out, on Thursday, and the Molina brothers, in this game, after scoring in 2nd, acted like this just won the World Series (at least to me).

    Heck, the Angels always play the Yankees like it’s the World Series – and their record shows it. I just wish they played this way against Boston in the ALDS last year instead of rolling over like a submissive poodle.

    Now, many might see this as an excuse, but, I blame this road-trip for most of what we’re seeing in Cali. It’s an insane trip and shame on MLB for doing this. Eleven games in 11 days, three stops, each in a different time zone? Between the stress of playing in Boston, and then the heat in Texas, and now the time change on the West Coast, no wonder the team has looked a little flat the last couple of games.

    They’re going to need that off day on Monday.

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