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    Posted by on July 31st, 2005 · Comments (6)

    From the News:

    Yesterday, after learning he’d been designated for assignment to make room for Embree, Groom had strong words for the Yankees, especially manager Joe Torre. “I didn’t get a fair shake here,” the 40-year-old said. “I came here to pitch in key situations and I became a mop-up guy, not getting in any games; you tell me what that looks like to you. You know, you come here, you don’t get a chance unless you’re one of the boys.

    “Don’t come here thinking you might get a lot of opportunities, because unless you’re one of Joe’s boys, you’re not going to get much of a shot.”

    I cannot say that I disagree here.

    Groom should have been used as a LOOGY, period. That’s what he’s always done. That’s what he is, again, period. Yet, Joe The Great Pen Miss-User did try and use him for more than one key LH batter at a time. And, he did this a lot. Of course, Groom was going to fail in that role.

    I would not be shocked to see him land somewhere soon, and pitch against the Yankees, and whiff Giambi in a key spot, and cost the Yankees a game sometime this season.

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    1. Nick
      July 31st, 2005 | 9:54 am

      the way Giambi’s been hitting, I’d be shocked if Buddy Groom whiffed him. Can’t say I’m emotional about Groom being shown the door. I guess I’m not a sentimentalist.

    2. July 31st, 2005 | 10:16 am

      I’m going to call sour grapes. Lefties hit .254 off him (.265 this year). That’s not good. I’m not sure what he expects. .254 isn’t any reason to trust someone. I hope he never pitches for the Yankees again. Unless he apologizes to Joe, of course.

    3. fronda
      July 31st, 2005 | 11:57 am

      Hmmm…drop the guy with the 5.00+ era for the guy with the 7.00+ era. Embree was picked up only because Orosco has finally retired. Groom may or may not be justified in his whining, but a couple things are for sure: 1] Torre does play favorites, usually playing veterans over new guys regardless of performance; 2] the Yankees are continually fascinated with signing “known names,” especially players who defeated them once in years past, rather than giving players a chance or developing their own talent; 3] the team is locked in a mindset that players must fill specific roles, and that specific roles must be filled by players–thus, the endless search for the “lefty specialist” instead of just going after the best bullpen arms available (like the Angels do).

      This is why this 200 million dollar team is stuck with so many aging players (a seemingly disproportionate number of whom played against the Yanks in the WS four or five years ago) who can only play one position, so when the (inevitable) injuries hit, there is no roster flexibility.

    4. fronda
      July 31st, 2005 | 12:03 pm

      As a follow up, lefties are hitting .304 off Embree this year, with an OPS of .884 (!), so as “bad” as Groom’s .265 against may look, it’s a damn sight better than Embree’s. Another Yankee “solution.”

    5. Raf
      August 1st, 2005 | 9:48 am

      Ah, but Embree has a mid 90s fastball…

      “radar gun” scouting wins again.

      Come to think of it, he does throw a slider, so it fits in with Stot’s pitching plan (:

    6. Brad
      August 2nd, 2005 | 1:27 am

      Um, no. Alan Embree has not seen mid-90’s on that fastball in over a year. His velocity is down to about 87 on the fastball, and while the slider is effective, hitters can sit on it now that he cant burn it past them. Consequently, lefties do get the hits, and righties feast on him. Good luck with this one NY.

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