• July 31st vs. The Angels

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    I know that some of the Yankees players came through with an incredible effort today. And, I know that the ghosts of Yankee Stadium were busy this afternoon spinning magic, where needed.

    But, I’m taking the credit for the win today.

    Around 12:30 pm, we decided to take the kids to Friendly’s for lunch and ice cream. While we were there, I got one of those over-sized glasses of soda. After lunch, we elected to go down to the marina to do a little strolling and boat watching. As we were getting ready to leave the boats, the soda starting sending signals to my bladder. But, I thought “Ah, we’ll be home in a few minutes, I can wait.” And, we came home.

    When we arrived home, I flicked on the TV and the game was in the bottom of the 8th – just as the “big” rally was starting. So, I sat and watched – and put the need for personal relief on the back burner for a minute. Once the Yankees tied the score in the 8th, I thought “OK, now I can’t move a muscle, or else I risk the whammy” and I sat there, frozen in my position.

    And, I continued to sit there, through the 8th, and the 9th, and the 10th, and until the end in the 11th – ignoring my bladder telling me to do otherwise. Let me tell you, standalone, those innings were a heart attack alley. Add a full bladder on that, and, well, it’s taking one for the team. But, as a fan, what else could I be expected to do?

    And, yes, the minute Matsui scored in the 11th, it was a great relief and one gauntlet defeated.

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    1. hopbitters
      July 31st, 2005 | 6:44 pm

      Just another one of those great sacrifices that doesn’t make it into the box score.

      Game Details
      Umpires: HP–Gary Darling. 1B–Tom Hallion. 2B–Paul Nauert. 3B–Mark Wegner.
      Time: 4:20.
      Attendance: 53,653.
      Weather: 82 degrees, partly cloudy.
      Wind: 12 mph, left to right.
      Off-field assist: 1 (Steve’s bladder)

    2. July 31st, 2005 | 7:52 pm

      LOL hopbitters!

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