• August 13th vs. The Rangers

    Posted by on August 13th, 2005 · Comments (0)

    Some bad things happened in the Yankees game today. Rivera blew a save for the first time in about one-third of a calendar year. Sheffield let a ball drop out of his glove – although he recovered for a force out at second. Earlier in this season, these types of things may have been enough to sink the ship.

    But, good things happened today as well. A-Rod hit a ball to the moon early in the game and made a great play in the 11th to save the game – a play, by the way, that he never would have made earlier in the year. Mussina, the start after throwing 120-something pitches, pitches into the 8th inning today. Bernie went boom. And, Lucky Charm Small gets the win.

    And, the win is the important thing. Both the A’s and the Angels went on to win today – and the Yankees needed to keep stride. That’s all it’s about these days – just win. No points off for style. All that matters is the “W” at the end to stay in the Wildcard chase.

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