• August 14th vs. The Rangers

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    You know, Bernie has a really bad game last Wednesday, and, since then he’s been getting big hits. Is it his time of the year or a salary drive? Who cares? Ride him while he’s hot. I’d DH him until he cools off. Maybe he could go on a run like Giambi had in July? That would never hurt.

    It was nice to see Chacón get the win today. But, what I found interesting and a tad concerning was the way that Barajas hit him. It makes me wonder if batters who have seen him for a while get to know him too well. It’s something to file away until Shawn starts to see AL teams for the second and third time.

    So, what happened in Boston today? The Bosox are finally losing a game, and to a good team, and the rains come and wash it out before it’s official. No matter. That’s just the new Fenway magic doing its thing. And, as far as the Yankees should be concerned, it means nothing.

    Only two things matter at the moment to the Yankees. First, going down to Tampa and beating the tar out of the Devil Rays. Nothing outside of a sweep in the next three days is acceptable – or, so it should be to Team Torre. Second, New York needs to maintain their great position in the Wildcard chase. With the A’s loss today, the Yankees are now just two games back in the loss column in the Wildcard Standings – with 46 games left to play. They must either hold that slot, or better it, nothing else – until they assume the lead. And, back to point one above, sweeping Tampa Bay will ensure that, at least for the next three days.

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    1. Jason O.
      August 15th, 2005 | 9:51 am

      SL, I understand your optimism over the wild card standings, but, I repeat: The Yankees will win the division.

    2. August 15th, 2005 | 7:37 pm

      I believe Boston will have to lose some games for that to happen – and, it does not look like they will lose many.

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