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    For a guy who was having some issues, esp. going to his right, in the field earlier this season, A-Rod has turned into the second coming of Puff Nettles at the hot corner. Nice grab there tonight to end the game.

    Coming into this game, I was not sweating Zito – I never have been overly concerned about him. He has talent. Yes, he does. But, he always seemed, to me, to be one of those guys who is too into his stuff off the field (like his music, current girl friend, the stars, etc.). And, until he starts to focus just on baseball, he’ll never be that force to fear. Sorta like Bernie Williams, in a way. It’s not uncommon in baseball these days. I just read that the Red Sox have asked Bronson Arroyo to hold off on his music stuff from here until to the end of the season. Lots of these guys need to be reminded that they’re ball players first – and that should be Job One.

    Shawn Chacón is becoming very interesting with respect to ‘What to do next year?‘ Do the Yankees try and sign him to a multi-year contract – or, just go another year and see how it goes? It’s a tough call right now.

    So, now the Yankees have 26 games left – and only the six games against Boston, as of now, are against teams with a record over .500. This said, anything less than a 17-9 record to close out the season would be unacceptable.

    And, it starts with the next series against Tampa Bay. The Yankees have to sweep the Devil Rays in these gamesno excuses. If anyone wants to try and use that “Well, the D-Rays are a pretty good team now” line, I say “Bull Dung.”

    Tampa Bay just got swept by the Red Sox, in Fenway, in a four-game set. If Boston can sweep them, then New York must do the same. Again, no excuses.

    There’s only four weeks left to the season and the Yankees have to make up four games in the loss column. Assuming the Yankees and Sox split their six remaining games with each other, this means the Yanks must win every time that Boston wins, from here to the end of the season, and they also must win five times when Boston loses a game. Considering that the Red Sox hardly seem to lose these days, that makes every one of these 26 remaining games as must win for the Yankees.

    This is the hand that you have to play when you go 39-39 to start the season.

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    1. September 5th, 2005 | 9:01 am

      The easy comment to the above is to say, the Yanks just have to take 5 of 6 from the Red Sox and then win every game they do. 8)

      But, seriously, 4 of 6 from the Red Sox – particularly the way the non-Unit&Mussina guys are pitching – is not out of the question, and then the Yankees need to win two more over the next 20. Not easy, but not impossible, either. I believe the Wild Card is a definite possibility for them this year, so while the sights should rightly be set on the division title, it’s not the biggest deal if they lose it.

    2. anonymous
      September 5th, 2005 | 2:15 pm

      “Assuming the Yankees and Sox split their six remaining games with each other…” that leaves only 20 remaining games that the Yanks must win. 🙂 Here’s hoping they pull it out.

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