• September 7th & 8th vs. The Devil Rays

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    I watched both of these games from Cooperstown and made some notes to myself while watching them.

    I was thrilled that the Yankees came back to win on the 7th – because the kids and I planned to wear our Yankees garb to the Hall of Fame the next day. And, had the Yankees lost two-in-a-row to Tampa, I was not looking forward to hearing comments all day from the anti-Yankees fans also touring the Hall.

    For the record, it was amazing how Main Street in Cooperstown was full of Yankees and Red Sox rivalry “stuff.” I can only imagine what a turnoff that must be if you are a fan of the Brewers, Angels, Padres, Rangers, White Sox, Pirates, etc. – and were visiting Cooperstown. You probably want to see some representation of “your team” in the shops and all you see are shirts that say “Choke” on them, etc.

    We did run into some Sox fans on Thursday – and they did rib us a bit on being in our Yankees stuff. But, it was all good-natured and polite. And, face it, after the ALCS last year, and the Yankees play this season, you better be able to take some shots – as a Yankees fan.

    As far as the game on the 8th, I think it was appropriate that the Yankees started wearing Salvation Army patches on their sleeves for during this game. The Salvation Army has an expression for someone who passes away – they call it being “promoted to glory.” And, in this game, the Yankees played like they were “promoted to glory” – as in being dead. They’re probably out of time for the A.L. East now – and it would not shock me at all to see the Indians now get the Wildcard (and the Yankees go home after the season for the first time in a long time).

    Back to being in Cooperstown, we arrived around 3:30 pm on the 7th, bummed around that afternoon, spent most of the day on the 8th at the Hall, and then left on the 9th around lunch-time (after doing some shopping). We had fun. Here’s a shot of me and the kids goofing around on a statue of Campy during the afternoon on the 7th:


    More pictures to come soon.

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