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    I missed this one today. We took the kids to see the Somerset Patriots – it was their last home game of the regular season. Here’s a picture of us there having fun:


    My thanks to the nice young lady working at the park who agreed to snap the photo for us.

    The kiddies made it through five-and-a-half today. That’s just about their limit: 2 hours – and, then they get antsy/cranky. I’m going to keep running them out to minor league parks until they can make it for three hours. Once done, then they get a trip to the Bronx for the first time. I’m guessing that’s 2008. (Great timing – it’s going to impossible to get tickets in the last season of this current park.)

    I did catch the score of the Yankees game at one point on a TV that they have in the Patriots’ gift shop. It was the top of the 7th at that point. Needless to say, when I saw it, I said “Aw, come on Yanks!”

    What’s with ESPN.com? I looked at the game summary later this evening and this is what I saw:


    A negative run in the bottom of the 6th? What the…….

    I’m really torn about the result today. Part of me is OK with it – in the sense that I know they cannot win everyday, and that they had won 6 in a row coming into this game. But, the other part of me wanted this game because they were in it and had a chance to tie it at the end.

    In a way, this game reminds me of that May 18th game against the Mariners. That was another game where they had a chance to win the game, and extend a winning streak, but failed.

    I’m not worried about Wright – he’s tough and should be OK. And, if Mussina can come back, that will help if Wright cannot return. Giambi, even though he says that he’s playing tomorrow, concerns me.

    If I saw this right, on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Jeter is now 0 for 8 this year, meaning he was the last out in 8 games this season, where he left the tying run on base. Wow, if only he was able to come through on two or three of those eight games. That could have meant a difference in the standings.

    Last night, I wrote:

    I’m disappointed in the A’s current showing at Fenway. They’ve pitched well – but, they need to score more runs against the Sox.

    Attaboy Oakland! Thanks for listening!

    The Yankees magic number is now 16. Any combination of Boston losses and Yankees wins that equal 16 means the Yankees will win the A.L. East. And, there are 14 games to go.

    In my mind, the next series for both Boston and New York just may be the key to the Yankees chance to win this thing. The Yankees must take 3 of 4 from Baltimore. And, the Devil Rays must win at least one game in their series with the Red Sox. If this happens, then the Yankees will pick up a half-game and will be just one game out with 10 games to go.

    And, those 10 remaining games for both Boston and New York will be the same – 3 with each other and the rest with Toronto and Baltimore. See, I told you last month that it was the Jays and O’s who would have a say in who wins the East.

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    1. JohnnyC
      September 18th, 2005 | 11:25 pm

      Steve, good thing you missed it. You would’ve had a conniption seeing Sierra penciled in as the RFer…again. And, as expected, he was horsehit in the OF, his lack of range in any direction and inability to uncoil his probably juiced body quick enough to release a decent throw giving away at least 3 runs…not to mention his usual oh fer the game. We won’t even discuss Alan Embree’s lovely day at the park. As I’ve said before, Torre really needs to get a new bag of hunches.

    2. September 18th, 2005 | 11:50 pm

      FWIW, at this point, I would platoon Crosby and Vento in RF and bat them 9th until Sheff could play the field again.

      I do have a fear here: That Sheff is so bad that he will have to DH in the post-season and this is Torre’s way to get Sierra some reps in the OF.

      Considering how lefty-heavy the team is, in retrospect, they should have gotten a RH batting 4th OF instead of Lawton when they picked up some insurance. There must have been someone out there who could at least catch the ball and bat .250 against lefties.

    3. Don
      September 19th, 2005 | 12:47 am

      Jeter blew a DP and that was the game in reality.

      And Jeter yet again made the final out in the game with the tieing run in scoring position, eighth time this season in fact. I’m very down on Jeter, very.

    4. September 19th, 2005 | 9:57 am

      I’m not as down – in fact, I’m hoping that the 0 for 8 thing is some kind of freaky thing that he turns around in the post-season – where he gets something like five for five in chances to win a game in his last AB.

    5. rbj
      September 19th, 2005 | 10:48 am

      I won’t be down. All of our season starting pitchers have been injured, and while that’s to be expected for the likes of Kevin Brown, it’s probably just evening out from the great years, like 1998. The team has fought pretty hard, and there are some good signs for next year, like Wang and Cano and a healthy Giambi.
      Every team has games they “should have won, if only X had happened.”

    6. September 19th, 2005 | 10:56 am

      Of course, Jeter homered in the 8th. Anyway, I’m not down on Jeter. I’m up on Jeter. The 0 for 8 thing, while I have noticed, is just a freak thing. I mean, 8 at bats vs. everything he’s done? He’s having a really good year. Does anyone think pitchers are actually relaxed when Jeter comes up and the game is on the line? Of course they’re not.

      Agree with rbj.

    7. JohnnyC
      September 19th, 2005 | 1:24 pm

      Yeah, let’s dump Jeter and trade for Renteria.

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