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    Two days ago, I wrote:

    It really bothers me that Boston swept the O’s – for two reasons. First, there’s the obvious one. But, secondly, Baltimore has now lost eight games in a row – and five of them have been by one-run. By virtue of the laws of probability alone, they’re due for a fluke win over the next four games.

    So, I had a feeling that this was coming. Did I know it would be 17-9 bad? No – never, at all. But, thanks to Meltdown Mussina & The Arson Squad (with the latter being Leiter, Proctor, F-Rod, and Sturtze today) it was that ugly.

    Now, it’s up to Chacón and Small to save the Yankees hopes for this season – and, why not? They’ve been doing it for months now.

    At least the Indians and Red Sox also lost tonight. The Yankees got lucky there – both of them losing close games was a huge horse of a gift.

    And, the next five games will tell us if the Yankees decide to look that gift in the mouth – or not.

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    1. tom yf
      September 28th, 2005 | 12:20 am

      You didn’t capture the full force of the ugliness…Wayne Franklin saw the light of day! And so did Jorge DePaula, a pretty good pitcher from our farm. What did he do? Struck out Melvin Mora, swinging. But who needs effective farm hands when we have VETERANS!!!

    2. September 28th, 2005 | 12:23 am

      I did wonder during this game – Where are all the September call-ups in the pen? Can any of them help at all? Have any of them helped at all so far? Why did they even bother calling these guys up?

      I’m getting sick and tired of hearing the YES guys talk about everyone else’s kids in the pen with great arms and stuff, etc., when the Yankees have none.

    3. Don
      September 28th, 2005 | 12:56 am

      The bullpen sucks. Sturtze is toast from overwork earlier in the season. Besides Gordon and MO there’s nothing. That is why I doubt them making the post season and if they did that is why they’re out early.

      I cannot get worked up over this team or if they don’t make the post season. We’ve had a great run that sputtered a while ago and George and the Tampa clowns are once again running things badly as they did pre-George’s suspension.

      Deja-vu all over again.

    4. James Varghese
      September 28th, 2005 | 8:20 am

      Tom – Jorge DePaula is not exactly one of our better pitching prospects. I have no idea why he was promoted instead of the other pitchers who should have been called up a month ago. If they had been – tada, we would have at least seen what we had for this season.

    5. James Varghese
      September 28th, 2005 | 8:39 am

      Matt Smith (L), Sean Henn (L), Jason Anderson, Colter Bean spring to mind from AAA.
      And off the top of my headm, there were also a couple candidates that come up from AA – ben Julianel, maybe Justin Pope & though you could worry about burnout – J Brent Cox & Matt DeSalvo.

    6. MJ
      September 28th, 2005 | 9:03 am

      I’ll say this about Sturtze — I don’t think he’s suffering from being overworked as much as I think he’s reverting to his career mean. Last year’s performances seems to be a fluke (and a distant memory). I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe this. My biggest problem, however, was that Joe even went to Sturtze in that situation. With the game basically out of hand, Sturtze came in, threw 30 pitches and made it worse. Now it’s questionable if Sturtze is available for today’s game.

    7. Raf
      September 28th, 2005 | 9:29 am

      Tom – Jorge DePaula is not exactly one of our better pitching prospects.

      Which is exactly the reason he should’ve been out there mopping up. Could he have done worse than Proctor? Same with Mendoza.

    8. MJ
      September 28th, 2005 | 9:51 am

      Why on earth does Joe go to Proctor in big spots. Proctor certainly hasn’t earned the trust and respect required. He and Felix Rodriguez have to be some of the worst pitchers in baseball from a pure execution standpoint.

    9. Raf
      September 28th, 2005 | 12:59 pm

      He (Proctor) and Felix Rodriguez have to be some of the worst pitchers in baseball from a pure execution standpoint.

      But they have power arms, so they’re going to keep getting chances, with the hope that they’ll harness their stuff.

    10. MJ
      September 28th, 2005 | 1:20 pm

      If only it were that easy. I don’t know what Mel or Connors or Kerrigan can do with guys that just refuse to cooperate. I absolutely get sick every time I see the door open and that dopey looking Proctor comes in.

    11. Raf
      September 28th, 2005 | 1:45 pm

      It isn’t easy. There have been all kinds of pitchers that have productive careers in MLB; hard throwers, soft tossers, overhanders, sidearmers… People whose FB’s have movement, others that throw straight FB’s. So on and so forth

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