• The Gator Mater Strikes?

    Posted by on October 23rd, 2005 · Comments (1)

    And I thought that M’sieur le Crocodile’s “Gator Mater Dating Service” went out of business.

    From the Star Ledger:

    Ron Guidry’s attorney yesterday confirmed the Yankees have approached him about becoming pitching coach.

    “There are talks going on, and I think that’s all we really want to say at this point,” Reggie Ringuet said.

    Guidry, the 1978 Cy Young Award-winner while with the Yankees, has been serving as a spring-training instructor. But Ringuet said now that Guidry’s youngest child is out of high school, he is willing to consider spending the seven or eight months away from home required by a full-time position.

    “He does have interest in this job,” Ringuet said. “If he’s ever going to do this, this is the time. If the Yankees afford him the opportunity, he’ll take a good, hard look at it.”

    Guidry’s just 55. So, it’s not like he’s a fossil. And, it’s not like he was 100% talent-gift-driven as a player. He was a thrower who was taught the slider by Sparky Lyle and then taught how to pitch by Dick Tidrow. Plus, Gator was a starter and a closer – so, he can relate to guys in the rotation as well as the pen.

    He and Donnie were teammates for a half-dozen full seasons. So, there’s someone on the staff that he knows well. (Here, I assume that Roy White is history.)

    I’d still prefer to see Joe Kerrigan get the job. But, I guess there are worse guys that could land it over Gator.

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    1. JohnnyC
      October 24th, 2005 | 2:40 pm

      Torre prefers Guidry. Obviously, there are some things Cashman and Torre don’t see eye to eye on. And we thought they were like two peas in a pod 🙂

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