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    Posted by on November 18th, 2005 · Comments (2)

    From the Record:

    In conversations between agent Scott Boras and the Yankees about Bernie Williams and Johnny Damon, another Boras free agent came up in discussions: Jarrod Washburn.

    While the Yankees aren’t actively pursuing starting pitching, Washburn could be of interest to them – especially if they can move Jaret Wright or Carl Pavano in a trade for an outfielder.

    I don’t like this one. Washburn is not durable – and his numbers since 2002 have been somewhat on a downward trend. Yes, he’s probably better than Pavano or Wright. But, at what cost does he come? Besides, what team is going to take Wright or Pavano at this point? Anyone with a brain is going to want to see them in the Spring first.

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    1. Raf
      November 18th, 2005 | 11:22 am

      Someone needs to be smacked upside the head… Washburn? C’mon

    2. rbj
      November 18th, 2005 | 12:59 pm

      Jaret’s not exactly a model of durability either. But good God, no Johnny Damon!

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