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    From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

    Even the Marlins’ oft-proclaimed organizational philosophy of putting a premium on pitching doesn’t appear impermeable to their fiscal realities.

    Desperate to rid themselves of Mike Lowell and the $18 million left on his contract, the Marlins are entertaining trade scenarios in which they’d attach him to one of their two best starting pitchers. The Marlins are listening to offers for 2003 World Series MVP Josh Beckett as long as the shopper drops Lowell into the cart as well.

    The Texas Rangers are among the teams with whom the Marlins have discussed such a deal, but according to a league source familiar with the talks, nothing is imminent. Other clubs open to a Lowell-Beckett package are the Red Sox and Tigers. The Angels, Dodgers, Yankees, Phillies, Pirates and Giants could enter the bidding as well.

    Josh Beckett is an immature punk. And, he’s not very durable – in none of his first 4 full big league seasons was he able to make 30 starts for the year. Still, for his age, he’s one of the better young starting pitchers in the N.L. (over the last 3 years).

    Mike Lowell is toast. For the three seasons prior to 2005, he was an All-Star type player. Last year, he was almost Rey Sanchez-like with the bat. He’s not old – yet, he fell off a cliff with the stick. Why? I’m not sure – maybe because they started PED testing last year? Heck, it could be anything.

    Nonetheless, if the Yankees have a shot at getting Beckett, even if it means eating Lowell, say, in exchange for Carl Pavano, an average prospect, and cash, then I think they should go for it.

    You can always use Lowell as the back-up 1B and DH.

    And, if it means keeping Beckett away from the Red Sox, then it’s even better. At the least, if the Marlins are dangling this package, the Yankees owe it to themselves to get in on the action – and try – rather than just let the other teams chase this one down without worrying about New York.

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    1. Raf
      November 21st, 2005 | 1:28 am

      Go for it. Maybe they can flip Beckett for a CF’er, or they keep him. Lowell, as you said can be a backup at the corners and @ DH. Any production you get out of him is a bonus.

      I think he had an off year last year. It happens.

    2. November 21st, 2005 | 8:21 am

      My understanding is that Lowell is a cancer survivor and that my have something to do with his early demise. He started off in our system and we traded him when Brosious signed a long term contract, but then retired early. At least I think that’s what I remember. Please correct any errors!

    3. Raf
      November 21st, 2005 | 9:08 am

      As far as I can remember, you got it right.

      Lowell had testicular cancer. If I remember right, he was diagnosed with it, and had it treated during his first year with the Marlins.

      Not sure who you’re referring to as retiring early, tho’

    4. November 21st, 2005 | 9:40 am

      FWIW, Lowell still mashed LHP last year. The more I think of it, outside of his salary, he would be the perfect back-up 1B and RH DH.

    5. aboveavg
      November 21st, 2005 | 11:07 am

      So what’s the difference between Beckett and Milton Bradley? How can you advocate getting Beckett, but say to stay miles away from Bradley?

    6. November 21st, 2005 | 11:24 am

      Beckett’s just a jerk in the clubhouse, with his teammates and the staff. Bradley is a menace in real life. I would hope that Torre and his crew could baby-sit Beckett. Plus, Beckett has talent – in a spot where it’s gold (on the mound). The jury is still out on Bradley as a hitter. They’re not the same case.

    7. Raf
      November 21st, 2005 | 11:46 am

      Beckett’s just a jerk in the clubhouse, with his teammates and the staff. Bradley is a menace in real life.

      Sorry, a team that hired Darryl Strawberry, Luis Polonia, Rod Scurry and Steve Howe can’t take/make the “moral high road” argument.

      If he can play ball, sign him. If not, pass on him

    8. November 21st, 2005 | 11:52 am

      Again, they all had talent. Do we know for sure that Bradly can hit like Straw or pitch like Howe?

    9. Raf
      November 21st, 2005 | 1:30 pm

      Again, they all had talent. Do we know for sure that Bradly can hit like Straw or pitch like Howe?

      Strawberry was coming off a drug suspension. Howe hadn’t pitched in the majors since 4 years prior. Scurry was a nut, and Polonia was acquired on 3 different occasions.

      Bradley has shown he can play CF, he has also shown better hitting ability than Bubba Crosby and is 10 years younger than Bernie Williams.

    10. November 21st, 2005 | 1:40 pm

      Scurry and Howe were LHed. And, besides being stupid once in Milwaukee, what was so bad about Polonia. And, from what I heard, that was a set-up with the under-age girl. Straw had HOF type power.

      Again, all Bradley has is youth, promise, and baggage. Not exactly worth the risk of the players it takes to get him and the money to pay him.

    11. aboveavg
      November 21st, 2005 | 7:07 pm

      To me Bradley has proven just as much, if not more than Beckett. Beckett has ahd just as many injury issues as Bradley and, besides last year and the World Series against the Yankees, he has an extremely spotty resume. In my opinion they are very comparable players, except that the media hasn’t had a chance to vilify Beckett yet.

    12. November 21st, 2005 | 10:30 pm

      Beckett ever beat his wife/girl? Beckett ever throw a bottle at a fan?

    13. aboveavg
      November 22nd, 2005 | 12:56 am

      Looks like we are going to find out how good Beckett really is. Traded to Boston for Hanley Ramirez, Annibel Sanchez and an A baller.

    14. aboveavg
      November 22nd, 2005 | 1:15 am

      Bradley never threw a bottle at a fan. He slammed a bottle, that was thrown at him, in front of a fan (not that that makes it ok). And I am not going to get into domestic abuse charges that I don’t know the details of.

      My main point is that some guys seem to get a free pass with the media, while others have all their faults dragged out (and in some cases exaggerated) for all to see. I guarantee that none of Beckett’s personality issues will be mentioned in the main stream coverage of this trade.

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