• The Cost Of Posada In 2007

    Posted by on January 14th, 2006 · Comments (1)

    From the New York Times:

    Some speculators thought the Yankees might trade Posada and sign Molina, but Cashman scoffed at the idea.

    “We’ve never tried to trade Jorge Posada,” he said. “I’ve had teams express some interest in him, but I’ve never picked up the phone and made a proposal for Jorge Posada. But that’s been written about quite often.”

    The theory behind the idea that the Yankees would trade the 34-year-old Posada stems from the option in his contract for the 2007 season. If he is the starting catcher in 81 games next season, the option becomes guaranteed for $12 million and he receives an option year in 2008 with $4 million guaranteed.

    In addition, 87 days into next season, June 27, Posada becomes a 10-5 player (10 years in the majors, the last 5 with the same club) and gains trade-veto rights.

    “When you assess the market,” Cashman said, “Posada is one of the premier catchers in the game even though his numbers might be declining. If he’s with us the next two years, we’ll be comfortable with that. My concern isn’t what am I going to do having Jorge. My concern is what are we going to do when we don’t have Jorge.”

    It’s bad enough to consider Posada’s decline in 2006 – but to think that it also means that the Yankees will have to pay him another $16 million dollars after that…..wow. Did the person who came up with this contract clause ever think to look at Jorge’s birth certificate?

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    1. JohnnyC
      January 15th, 2006 | 12:30 pm

      The same person also knew the Yankees’ only catching prospect, Dionner Navarro, was a lead pipe cinch to be traded away so…the real question is why didn’t that person think there was a single viable free agent catcher worth pursuing in the next 3-4 years? Granted Posada is STILL a top tier offensive player for his position even in decline, but we did win 2 World Series with Joe Girardi as our catcher. And he couldn’t hit much better than John Flaherty.

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