• No Garden Party For Damon

    Posted by on January 29th, 2006 · Comments (4)

    From the Daily News:

    The high-flying Rangers are becoming quite the celebrity draw. But Rangers fans don’t shower their affections on just any pretty face that appears on the center-ice video board.

    New Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon, who arrived with stubble on his face, learned that when he heard a mixture of boos and cheers on being introduced to the crowd midway through yesterday’s romp over the Penguins. A couple of minutes later, Giants running back Tiki Barber received a standing ovation when his face appeared on the video screen.

    After the game, Damon visited with Jaromir Jagr. The Rangers’ star, an avid fan of all sports, asked Damon when Manny Ramirez was going to join him in New York. No word what the answer was.

    Makes sense. Probably 45% of the fans there were Yankees fans. And, another 45% were Mets fans – with another 10% being either Red Sox fans or fans of some other team not the Yankees.

    The odds were in the favor (55%) of Damon getting booed.

    As far as Tiki’s hand, well, maybe people mistook him for Mr. Potato Head? No one would ever boo Mr. Potato Head.


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    1. JohnnyC
      January 30th, 2006 | 5:47 pm

      In terms of random sampling maybe a Knicks crowd these days isn’t anyone’s idea of a representative group.

    2. Jen
      January 30th, 2006 | 8:01 pm

      Johnny, you mean Rangers crowd?

      I would venture to say that there was probably a decent percentage there (maybe 8-10%) that don’t like baseball at all. Plus you have the breakdown of kids/families to drunken singles.

    3. JohnnyC
      January 30th, 2006 | 8:29 pm

      Of course, Jen, you’re right. I meant Rangers. The reaction of NY sports fans to Yankees players/issues fascinates me. I can remember when NY fans basically fell into two groupings: 1) Yankees-Giants-Knicks-Rangers and 2) Mets-Jets-Nets-Islanders. Now, there’s so much cross-pollination, you have to be careful in your assumptions about someone’s allegiances. You might bump into a Yankees-Jets-Nets-Devils fan who shares only 25% of your rooting interests. Makes for uncomfortable conversations. I have even met a dreaded Yankees-Patriots-Nets-Maple Leafs fan. Psychedelic!

    4. Jen
      January 30th, 2006 | 11:13 pm

      I know exactly what you mean. I’ve noticed the Yankees/Giants, Mets/Jets thing. The problem is that there are so many Yankees and Mets fans from Jersey and Long Island that the allegiances in other sports seem to split.

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