• Good Luck In Philly!

    Posted by on February 22nd, 2006 · Comments (6)

    Tom Gordon, on the media in New York, via the Daily News:

    “I don’t want to hear about you guys missing me,” Gordon said. “That’s a lot of — after all the abuse I took from you. You guys wanted Farnsworth? You got him!”

    “There was a headline,” Gordon said. “‘Not so Terrific Tom’ and it prompted all kinds of abuse. I’ve been called everything in this game. I’ve even heard (N-word) a couple of times, too. Then, after that headline, I was in the city with my kids and this fan comes up to me and says: ‘You’re worthless!’ How would you like to be told that? In front of your kids!

    “No player deserves that. But, if nothing else, it made me stronger.”

    “I’ll always be impressed with how that organization operates, seeing how those guys come together the way they do in New York,” Gordon said. “When it’s time to play, they play hard. That’s why I thought it was unfair how the media treated me after we lost (to the Red Sox in the ’04 ALCS). It could have been handled differently.

    “Yeah, we lost, but for my kids to have to listen to that….I had to carry that with me. There were 24 other guys out there. I don’t think it was all me. I gave that team everything I had.”

    Hey, Flash, do you know that you moved to the “boo” capital of the world? You better get your kids some ear plugs.

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    1. Raf
      February 22nd, 2006 | 11:39 am

      Yeah, I saw that this morning.

      Perhaps Flash needs to talk to Mitch Williams about Philly Phans?

      Having said that, I do agree that players shouldn’t have to go through or hear the things that they do, but you know what? You knew the situation going in. In your line of work, you’re going to have stupid people in the stands. Deal with it.

      Thank you for your time in NY, good luck in Philly.

    2. February 22nd, 2006 | 12:03 pm

      One would hope that after 17 years in the Majors, Flash could have developed a bit of a thicker skin. I understand why he may feel betrayed by the media, but no one’s forcing him to pick up the papers every morning. If he can’t handle the criticism, he just shouldn’t read it.

    3. DFLNJ
      February 22nd, 2006 | 1:18 pm

      I live right outside Philly. If Flash thought the media situation or the fans’ patience would improve with this change of address, he’s going to be begging to go back to NY after the 2nd blown save.

      Remember, they (philly fans) booed Santa Claus. They threw batteries at J.D. Drew. They pioneered the in-stadium court for prosecuting offenders. This is not a place for thin-skinned athletes.

    4. baileywalk
      February 22nd, 2006 | 1:22 pm

      Tom is insane. Listen, A-Rod got dumped on AFTER WINNNG THE MVP (!) because he didn’t perform in the post-season. (The “Post” had a headline: “MVP, BUT…”) What makes him think they won’t bash him for the same thing? If anything, the press was too kind to Gordon. People in New York didn’t want Farnsworth — you had Sherman in the “Post” and people in “Newsday” guaranteeing that Farnsworth would fail.

      Add all that to the fact that Gordon wanted to close and he could not close on this team. So he WANTED to leave. He could have stayed if he wanted to (three years would have been a disgrace, obviously, because his numbers really fell off last year) but he preferred to close.

      I personally hate the New York press (they would much rather attack than praise someone), but Gordon probably has the least beef with them. New Yorker are sports-smart enough not to need to take cues from the newspapers. If you fail, you’ll hear about it. Same thing happens if you succeed.

    5. JeremyM
      February 22nd, 2006 | 6:25 pm

      I’m not being funny, but this is a guy that was puking in the bullpen before entering the ALCS (allegedly), and then after that spit the bit. Yes, there were 24 other guys, but it was tough for any of them to make a play on that ball Ortiz launched, a guy that had no success against Gordon in the past. So the media took it easy on him really. He was a BIG part of the reason they lost that ALCS, although Toree should’ve went with Rivera for 2 innings to close out game 5 but that’s for another thread. I liked the guy and hated to see him fail, but come on.

      As far as the stuff on the streets, nobody should bother the guy when they see him with his kids, but that stuff can happen anywhere, in any city, for any team.

    6. Raf
      February 23rd, 2006 | 9:25 am

      Yes, there were 24 other guys, but it was tough for any of them to make a play on that ball Ortiz launched, a guy that had no success against Gordon in the past.

      Gotta give Ortiz credit, he was on fire that postseason. Looking at his numbers, not many people got him out.

      Besides, being 1-5 against a batter is hardly “owning” him.

      Who came up with the “puking in the pen” story anyway?

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