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    From the New York Times:

    “On one side, I trust you, but don’t play me,” Sheffield said during his diatribe. “You know what I mean? I don’t care what it is. I don’t care if it’s the Boss. I don’t care if it’s him. Don’t play me.”

    About 90 minutes after Sheffield challenged the Yankees to eliminate the 2007 option now and spoke of playing elsewhere, he switched his personality from combative to calm. During that hour and a half, Sheffield met with Cashman for about 30 minutes. That conversation apparently reassured him of his status.

    “I’ll be fine tomorrow,” Sheffield said. “I’m just venting.”

    On his contract, Sheffield said: “Just like I said, tear up the whole contract. Send me somewhere else. It doesn’t matter. I’m sick of it.”

    On Cashman: “I trust him, but I don’t trust him totally. I don’t trust no one totally.”

    On Yankees who have long-term contracts: “Just like all those other guys feel comfortable here, I want to feel comfortable, too. Why do I always have to have my back against the wall and prove something to everybody?”

    On his future with the Yankees: “You got to think about, ‘Do I still want to keep putting up with this every year, or go play someplace where it’s simpler?’ Now I have to go make that choice. Since you can’t appreciate what I do, maybe somebody else will.”

    On the possibility that the Yankees are hesitating to exercise the contract option because he might be injured: “You sign players for 10 years and what if they get hurt? One year. With what I’ve done? What I’ve done? What I’ve done?”

    On whether he or the Yankees have the upper hand in the contract situation: “It’s always in my hands. Trust me. I know how to get out of anything.”

    After all those comments, Sheffield’s final thought was: “I’m cool with the Yankees.”

    Can Sheff vacillate, or what?

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    1. February 25th, 2006 | 3:48 pm

      I love what Sheff has done with the Yankees and I love the way he has largely conquered his reputation and been a team player thus far. But I have absolutely no patience for players who bitch about terms in their contracts that they agreed to. If you don’t want uncertainty about your option year, don’t sign a contract with a team option.

    2. Raf
      February 25th, 2006 | 7:02 pm

      I’d say just keep your mouth shut, and make them pay after the season, if you decide you want to stick around. Otherwise, “Have Bat, Will Travel.”

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