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    Posted by on March 24th, 2006 · Comments (7)

    Just checking now, I realized that “Mike” Mussina is probably the greatest “Mike” in Yankees history. See the list:

    Mike Pagliarulo
    Mike Stanley
    Mike Gallego
    Mike Easler
    Mike McNally
    Mike Gazella
    Mike Garbark
    Mike Hegan
    Mike Milosevich
    Mike Kekich
    Mike Blowers
    Mike Fischlin
    Mike Humphreys
    Mike Ferraro
    Mike Heath
    Mike Aldrete
    Mike Stanton
    Mike Chartak
    Mike Fitzgerald
    Mike Patterson
    Mike O’Berry
    Mike Powers
    Mike McCormick
    Mike Lowell
    Mike Mussina
    Mike Donovan
    Mike Handiboe
    Mike Figga
    Mike Thurman
    Mike Vento

    And, we know that “Derek” Jeter is the greatest “Derek” in Yankees history. Ditto the guys flanking him – “Alex” Rodriguez and “Robinson” Cano. Also, in the “Jason” department, it’s Giambi, Grimsley and Anderson – so, Giambi wins. And, “Jorge” Posada is the only “Jorge” in Yankees history.

    Do we even need to discuss “Hideki”?

    There’s been a lot of “Johnny’s” to wear the pinstripes:

    Johnny Lindell
    Johnny Blanchard
    Johnny Murphy
    Johnny Mize
    Johnny Grabowski
    Johnny Kucks
    Johnny Sain
    Johnny Callison
    Johnny Sturm
    Johnny Broaca
    Johnny Allen
    Johnny Hopp
    Johnny Oates
    Johnny James
    Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Mitchell
    Johnny Lucadello
    Johnny Cooney
    Johnny Priest
    Johnny Schmitz

    So, Damon has a way to go.

    I was suprised at how few “Gary’s” there were:

    Gary Sheffield
    Gary Ward
    Gary Roenicke
    Gary Thomasson
    Gary Waslewski
    Gary Blaylock
    Gary Jones

    Sheffield is the best ever here. And, “Bernie” Williams only has “Bernie” Allen in his way. Also, “Mariano” Rivera only has “Mariano” Duncan.

    What about “Randy” Johnson? You tell me:

    Randy Velarde
    Randy Gumpert
    Randy Choate
    Randy Johnson
    Randy Keisler

    I could go on for a while with this – but, I think the point is made. This Yankees group is the “best” ever in terms of their relative first names (as a whole). That’s kind of interesting, at least to me.

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    1. March 24th, 2006 | 1:43 pm

      Don’t forget Bubba Crosby.

    2. bfriley76
      March 24th, 2006 | 2:09 pm

      There is NO Mike in Yankee history greater than Pags.

    3. Nick from Washington Heights
      March 24th, 2006 | 2:14 pm

      hey, steve, how’d you get those lists?

    4. Athos333
      March 24th, 2006 | 2:34 pm

      how about George: would Big Stein be included and could one say that he’s larger than George Herman?

    5. March 24th, 2006 | 2:36 pm

      Nick – I used the Sabermetric Baseball Encyclopedia.

      Big Stein is the one and only “George” – since G.H. used “Babe” – here’s the competition –

      George Selkirk
      George Moriarty
      George Pipgras
      George McQuinn
      George Mogridge
      George McConnell
      George Zeber
      George Uhle
      George Murray
      George Scott
      George Burns
      George Halas
      George Wilson
      George Clark
      George Whiteman
      George Shears
      George Washburn
      George Batten

    6. Josh
      March 24th, 2006 | 4:00 pm

      How about the best “Graig” or the best “Aurelio”. Thanks for this useless info.

    7. March 24th, 2006 | 4:27 pm

      FWIW, there’s never been a Josh to play for the Yankees.

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