• Is Carlos Pena A “Slick Fielder”?

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    This morning, I read what I think is the 147th reference (over the last five days) about how (recent Yankees pick-up) Carlos Pena is a “slick fielder” and how he will help the team with his glove.

    Will he?

    Let’s look at his last two full seasons in the majors as a first baseman. According to The Fielding Bible, he’s a middle of the pack guy in those two seasons – at best.

    In 2004, while not in the class of Todd Helton or Darin Erstad, Pena was fine – he placed within the range of Sean Casey, John Olerud, Nick Johnson, and Tino Martinez. That’s OK.

    But, in 2003, Pena ranked about the same as Jason Giambi, Shea Hillenbrand and Carlos Delgado. That’s not OK.

    So, which is it? It’s not clear. Maybe we should look at his data from 2005, albeit based on a partial year in the bigs, as a tie-breaker?

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    1. April 18th, 2006 | 11:29 pm

      I just saw that SG at RLYW also questioned Pena’s worth with the glove, FWIW:


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