• April 29th vs. The Blue Jays

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    There are many things that one could focus on from today’s game – Damon’s power and hustle, Unit’s issues, Sheffield’s injuries – but, to me, here’s the most important thing:

    With a win tomorrow, and if the Devil Rays can beat a tired Curt Schilling, then the New York Yankees will head into the month of May, and a two game series in Fenway Park, tied for first place with the Boston Red Sox. Sure, there’s a few moving parts to this plan – but, it’s not impossible.

    Yankees-Sox on Monday. Damon’s return to Boston. And, first place at stake. Wow, what’s a fan of Prison Break to do? Actually, it’s a no brainer. Really. I did say it was Yankees-Sox, right? There will be a whole week following the Fenway games to watch Prison Break on tape.

    And, for those worried about the ol’ “I hate it when they score a ton because that means they’re going to hardly score at all tomorrow” thing, check out (going back a bit) each time that the Yankees scored at least 13 runs in a win. What happened each time on the next day? (Note: We’re only using dates where there was a game the very next day.) The results:

    4/3/06 – Won 15-2. Next day, lost 4-3.
    9/13/05 – Won 17-3. Next day, won 6-5.
    7/4/05 – Won 13-8. Next day, won 12-3.
    5/14/05 – Won 15-6. Next day, won 6-4.
    4/18/05 – Won 19-8. Next day, lost 6-2.
    9/18/04 – Won 14-1. Next day, won 11-1.
    8/28/04 – Won 18-6. Next day, lost 6-4.
    8/19/04 – Won 13-10. Next day, lost 5-0.
    5/27/04 – Won 18-5. Next day, won 7-5.

    Just three times (out of 9 times) did they struggle to post some runs. Thus, there’s little reason to sweat about Mussina not getting any run support tomorrow. (And, don’t forget, the Jays’ Gustavo Chacín has an ERA of 5.11 heading into the game. That will help some as well.)

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