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    Part of me wants to salute Jaret Wright for 6 very nice innings tonight. But, then, part of me wants to say “Check out the batting averages for the batters that he faced this evening” –

    Gathright .203
    Crawford .260
    Gomes .280
    Wigginton .260
    Hall .325
    Lee .200
    Hollins .269
    Burroughs .190
    Perez .190

    Basically, there were just 5 batters to be somewhat concerned about in the Rays’ line-up today.

    Part of me wants to celebrate that rally for New York in the 10th – and the big hit for A-Rod. But, then, part of me wants to say that the Tampa pitchers in that inning were a guy (Tyler Walker) who has already blown 3 of 4 save chances this year and a rookie (Ruddy Lugo) who has allowed runs in his last 4 appearances (before tonight).

    Perhaps the bigger point about that 10th inning is how the Yankees only scored two runs – when they had runners on 1st and 2nd with just one out (after getting the two runs on the board).

    In any event, the important thing (today) in the end is the “W” – coupled with Beckett & Papelbon getting banged around in Fenway – which puts the Yankees back in 1st place.

    Methods are tools, but, results rule.

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    1. brockdc
      May 4th, 2006 | 1:58 am

      Let’s face it: They beat a AAAA team tonight – but barely.

      Tonight’s result also means another three weeks (each base hit is another week of starting on a regular basis) of Bernie. But, you’re right, Steve: Win is a win.

      On a more optimistic note, Mats had some fine-ass-lookin’ AB’s tonight.

    2. baileywalk
      May 4th, 2006 | 9:25 am

      There’s one good thing (besides the W, of course) about last night’s game: the better Wright looks, the easier it is to trade him to the Nationals or some other pitching-desperate team. Pavano is on his way back and Wright has no spot on the team when he does.

      I wouldn’t call the Devil Rays, even with Cantu and Lugo out, a AAAA team. Crawford (who’s slumping), Gomes, Hollins and even Wiggington can hit. But the truth is that the only team Wright seems able to pitch against is the Rays. If every team was filled with impatient hitters who hack at his out-of-the-strikezone junk, he’d win the Cy Young. His problem is when he faces people who wait for him to throw strikes.

      The best news, for me, from last night was that Farnsworth is getting on a role and he’s forcing Torre to see what he has in him. He struck out Gomes on three pitches and he had great command of the slider last night. The frustrating thing, though, is that he brought him in to face one right-handed batter last night in a tie game in the eighth, but used Sturtze in the same situation against Boston. Which further proves that Torre sticks with “his boys” even at the detriment of the team. Apparently Sturtze is here for the long haul.

      I’d bet you dollars to dinars that Torre STILL considers Farns and Sturtze “one in the same.”

    3. May 4th, 2006 | 9:51 am

      I don’t see any point in looking for negatives in last night’s game. The Yankees are supposed to win against weak teams, and they did. It doesn’t matter that it was 4-2 instead of 10-2 or what have you. It may feel like they should chew up the Rays every time out, but baseball doesn’t work that way. The important thing is the win.

    4. MJ
      May 4th, 2006 | 9:57 am

      God, I’d never thought I’d hear myself say this but maybe Wright does have something to contribute? His start against the Blue Jays last week wasn’t bad (boxscore looked worse than it really was) and he looked decent again last night. Obviously we can discount last night because the D-Rays aren’t exactly the ’27 Yanks but still, getting outs consistently has to count for something.

      I still don’t see how or where people derive this faith in Pavano when they’re not willing to give Wright the same benefit of the doubt. Not that I like Wright or anything but hey, at least one of our injury-prone free agent mistakes is in New York while the other has been battling all sorts of ailments since June.

      And baileywalk, seriously, I’m not rooting against Pavano. Believe me, I’d love it if our investment pays off. I’m just not optimistic given his historic fragility.

    5. MJ
      May 4th, 2006 | 10:01 am

      PS – I’m with Carla. We should take joy in a win of any kind and not dissect it too much. So we didn’t blow them out last night? It’s ok, we won, the bullpen pitched very well, Matsui had good AB’s and got robbed a couple of times, Boston lost and we woke up to first place. Lets enjoy this win while the Jays and Sawx fight it out and lets build a little cushion on those Boston dirtbags. Embrace the positives, Yankee fans!

    6. baileywalk
      May 4th, 2006 | 12:09 pm

      A win is most certainly a win, but it’s hard not to gripe about Torre’s random managerial style. And the fact that Wright is our fifth starter right now. I’ll never forgive the Yankees for THAT move. (I have faith in Pavano because Pavano, from ’03 till before he got hurt in ’05, showed himself to be talented; Wright had a nice year under Mazzone, but bombed in the playoffs and never looked good in pinstripes; if you go back and check the gamelog, Pavano put together some rather nice starts for this team before his injured shoulder caused his velocity to drop.)

      Anyway, the bullpen looked good, A-Rod got a big hit, and we won. Hooray, hooray.

      Go check out nomaas. 1) they smartly suggest booting Bubba for Kevin Thompson or Melky (who is on fire in AAA). And 2) they have a hilarious Farnsworth-as-bigfoot sighting photo.

    7. MJ
      May 4th, 2006 | 1:48 pm

      I guess that’s just the point – Pavano is far better than Wright when healthy but Pavano’s pretty much never healthy except for that one magical streak from mid-2003 to early 2005. Beyond that, he’s one giant piece of scar tissue. Like I always say, if he can contribute, WONDERFUL, but until he does (if he ever does), he’s just been a gigantic mistake. If ever there was a free agent signing with the “caveat emptor” sticker on it…

      I don’t want to defend Wright as I certainly didn’t understand the signing but at least he’s around, bringing something to the table. Two decent starts in a row is an encouraging baby step to getting some return on our investment. Pavano’s in the witness protection program someplace in Florida with an ice-pack on his tushy.

      Also, why boot Bubba when you can boot Bernie?

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