• At Least They Didn’t Trade A Buhner To Get Him

    Posted by on May 22nd, 2006 · Comments (4)

    From Newsday:

    The Yankees have signed DH-first baseman Erubiel Durazo to a minor-league contract, GM Brian Cashman said. Durazo, who has played for Arizona and Oakland, spent time at the Rangers’ Triple-A Oklahoma City affiliate earlier this season before requesting his release. Cashman said the team is likely to sign free-agent outfielders Richard Hidalgo and Jason Romano. One or both could be added to the big-league roster immediately.

    When I hear Durazo, I think “Ken Phelps Jr.” I’ve never been a fan of Durazo – and I think his “power” is over-rated. For two years, 2001-2002, he was mashing. After that, not so much. Whether it was a blip, or he had help, we won’t know. But, I’m pretty confident that he’s got nothing to offer now.

    On the other hand, I love the Jason Romano news. He’s a former Texas Rangers prospect – and has bounced around with many teams in the last few years. But, he’s a super-sub (who can play the infield and the outfield) with a great attitude. I think Yankees fans are going to love this guy.

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    1. baileywalk
      May 22nd, 2006 | 10:30 am

      I like the Richard Hidalgo signing. I don’t understand why they didn’t sign him during the off-season, when he was just sort of floating around. He has speed and, though he is most definitely a streaky hitter, he has power. In any event, I’d much rather have him as my fourth outfielder than Bubba Crosby. He can fill in for all three outfield spots and when he’s up — unlike with, say, Reese and Bubba — it’s not an automatic out.

      Apparently Long has already joined the team. I think that’s a waste, personally. But if Long is already here and they’re close to signing Hidalgo, does that mean Melky’s on the bench or back in AAA?

    2. JohnnyC
      May 22nd, 2006 | 10:48 am

      Back in AAA. Probably on the same plane with Colter Bean and Kevin Reese.

    3. JohnnyC
      May 22nd, 2006 | 10:58 am

      Steve, more on this Romano kid? And do you really think he’s in line to be put on the ML roster or just filler on the farm?

    4. May 22nd, 2006 | 11:06 am

      IIRC, Romano came up as a 2B, and since the Rangers had a ton of MI at the time, and no one in CF, they converted him.

      I think his biggest issue has been contact. But, he’s OK with the glove around the INF and the OF, has good legs, and is a bit of a grinder.

      He’s not going to star. But, he can help you in more ways than a Kevin Reese.

      The big league team? At best he would make it as a 25th guy, under normal circumstances. But, with all the guys out now, they should be able to stick him in there – unless they get married to Long.

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