• Casting Slim Pickens

    Posted by on May 22nd, 2006 · Comments (15)

    From the Staten Island Advance

    The Yankees placed ailing starter Shawn Chacon (bruised knee) on the disabled list and recalled outfielder Terrence Long to shore up the bench. Chacon, who missed a start last night, continues to struggle with a hematoma caused by a comebacker in the 5-3 loss to Boston on May 11.

    “The knot is still there (on his leg),” Torre said. “There is still that one trouble spot, so you don’t want to take any chances.”

    And, so, the Terrence Long Era (or should I say “Error”?) begins.

    Don’t get me wrong. I know that Damon has broken bone in his foot, and Bernie has issues with his wheels, and Kevin Reese can’t hit a lick, and Melky has an iron glove…….and those are the Yanks choices at the moment for the outfield.

    But, Terrence Long?

    Just watch – when Sheffield and Crosby come back – Reese and Melky will go back down to the minors before Long does. You know that’s how it works in Torre-Cashman-Land.

    Looks like I picked the wrong week for quitting sticking my head in a bucket full of ice.

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    1. JohnnyC
      May 22nd, 2006 | 10:44 am

      You can never have too much veteran experience, Steve. Remember that’s what’s won us all these rings since 2000.

    2. JJay
      May 22nd, 2006 | 11:19 am

      “Us”. We’re not Sox fans.

    3. Athos333
      May 22nd, 2006 | 11:48 am

      Did someone kidnap Kevin Thompson?

    4. JohnnyC
      May 22nd, 2006 | 12:14 pm

      JJay obviously not a fan of irony.

    5. hopbitters
      May 22nd, 2006 | 12:18 pm

      It’s getting harder every day to be a Yankee fan and not be overwhelmed with irony.

    6. Athos333
      May 22nd, 2006 | 12:34 pm

      I couldn’t agree more… kind of wish that the checkbook would be off limits to Cashman and he’d only be able to work within the farm system. I’m sick of them overspending for players who no longer have anything to prove… no fight…

    7. TomP
      May 22nd, 2006 | 12:58 pm

      I’ll be shocked if they send Cabrera down before Long. He may look disoriented in the field every now and then, but he’s impressing Torre at the plate.

    8. JeremyM
      May 22nd, 2006 | 1:31 pm

      I agree, Cabrera should stay on, but no way does Reese get to stay over Long. Matter of fact I don’t think Long will see any action until being sent down, barring a blow out.

      Terrence Long. Unreal. I guess it’s only fair they put him on the payroll since his horrible fielding in game 5 of the 2000 ALDS on Tino’s first inning double led to all of those runs. That’s the same reason they traded for Mark Wohlers, right?

    9. JJay
      May 22nd, 2006 | 2:41 pm

      JohnnyC, you’ve been called out more than once for what you are but if you want to keep playing this game – more power to ya.

    10. JeremyM
      May 22nd, 2006 | 3:27 pm

      I meant to say Reese won’t see any more action. Long will probably start tonight and until Sheffield comes back.

    11. Athos333
      May 22nd, 2006 | 3:43 pm

      JJay, I don’t know JohnnyC, but as a person who’s religiously read waswatching.com pretty much from when it started, I don’t see any of the accusations that you’re referring to as holding any ground. As a lifelong Yanks fan, I appreciate his honest and sometimes too honest opinions

    12. JJay
      May 22nd, 2006 | 3:47 pm


      Well, if you had seen a “JohnnyC” or variations of that name at numerous other Yankees sites posting as a Sox fan in the same tone and manner then you would have your doubts too.

      Just see your line about “sometimes too honest”.

    13. Athos333
      May 22nd, 2006 | 4:35 pm

      methinks one might find alot of “‘JohnnyC’ or variations of that name” at the Sox sites over the last few years…

    14. JJay
      May 23rd, 2006 | 8:46 am

      Methinks I said YANKEES sites, not Red Sox. But me just thinks….wait, I checked…I did say Yankees.

    15. Athos333
      May 23rd, 2006 | 11:53 am

      yeah ok…. uh…you missed my point as you’ve missed the point earlier…

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