• June 5th vs. The Red Sox

    Posted by on June 5th, 2006 · Comments (10)

    Oh, what fun it was this evening to see the Yankees tar and feather Josh Beckett.

    I saw after the game that the Yankees and Red Sox are now 42-42 against each other during the last five regular seasons. Tomorrow’s game should be interesting. I just have to keep reminding myself: There’s no truth to the “I hate it when they score a ton because that means they’re going to hardly score at all tomorrow” thing.

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    1. JeremyM
      June 5th, 2006 | 11:41 pm

      Will someone please ask Beckett if it’s proper baseball etiquette to knock him out in the second inning by hitting two three-run home runs and plating seven total. It might also be nice to ask if it was proper for that darn Cabrera to take third and home in the first without the courtesy of giving them time to cover those bases.

      I’m sorry to gloat, but that game was too sweet–hopefully they can take 2 of the next 3.

    2. baileywalk
      June 6th, 2006 | 10:37 am

      That was a great win, it was awesome to beat up on Beckett, Moose had to battle and came through (eight strikeouts), and all the “kids” (sorry, Andy isn’t a kid) were great, but…

      I’m sorry here… the win the doesn’t erase this fact…

      TORRE IS A DISGRACE! The Yankees have an eight-run lead IN THE SEVENTH INNING. Does Scott Proctor really have to pitch an inning? Matt Smith can’t come in for one? Scott Erickson can’t pitch an inning? Even Mike Myers can’t pitch an inning? I know Smith and Erickson had worked in Baltimore, but so what? Smith only pitched an inning and a third. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Proctor has been used so much, and everyone knows the guy is overworked and tired, and then Torre unbelievably uses him with an eight-run lead! And what the HELL was Farnsworth warming up for? Is Joe out of his mind? What’s the point of blowing out other teams if you have to use your good relievers?

      After Moose went through six, Torre knew he had to get two innings out of his bullpen, because Mo was going to get work in the ninth. So that leaves Farnsworth, Proctor, Smith, Myers, Villone and Erickson. Even if you eliminate Erickson, because he threw a few innings in Baltimore, how does that leave you with Proctor? Was he protecting Myers’ ERA?

      My jaw literally hung open when I saw Proctor and then Farnsworth warming up in the ‘pen. Torre is an absolute madman. He’s impossible to figure out. He’s actually used Myers against righties in the past in close games. But now he can’t do it with an eight-run lead? This is the time he CAN use him there.

      I just don’t get it.

      (They say they’re calling up Nick Green as insurance because of Jeter’s thumb; depressingly, Thompson might go down to make room — though there’s an outside chance Torre will grow a brain and cut Long instead.)

    3. Raf
      June 6th, 2006 | 11:24 am

      Proctor punishment for punching a clubhouse door maybe?

    4. baileywalk
      June 6th, 2006 | 11:56 am

      Proctor punishment for punching a clubhouse door maybe?

      Maybe, but if it’s true, then it has the feel of a guy stabbing himself in the leg in Vietnam to go home. He probably thought it would get him a few days off.

      Actually, if Proctor really punched a door, then he’s a fool. Even the best relievers foul up games. And even though he was upset, part of being a good reliever is moving on. Plus, NEVER use your body to do the beating. There are a million baseball bats lying around — use one of those, ya dummy.

    5. RICH
      June 6th, 2006 | 12:26 pm

      In all seriousness, is there anything Torre does that you approve of? Is there someone else you’d rather have manage the team?

      If you want Long cut why do you blame Torre? Cashman controls the player roster (though I hope they do it in unison).

    6. baileywalk
      June 6th, 2006 | 1:13 pm

      Over the years, Torre has done one thing well: he always seems to know when to give a guy an at-bat. He’ll sit a starter, put in a bench player, and the guy will get three hits. He does this all the time. He manages the big personalities well. (Not so well with the lesser-known guys, though.)

      That’s about it. Would I rather have someone else? YES. Hell, I’d take any of the other managers on this team. Especially Tony Pena, who I love. Outside of Lou, who’s a madman, and some absolute fool like Art Howe or something, improvements over Torre are nearly limitless.

    7. RICH
      June 6th, 2006 | 1:48 pm

      I like Torre a lot, mainly because I think a baseball manager’s job is more than just the in-game stuff. I liked the Torre-Zimmer combo lots. I think all managers get the most criticism for bullpen usage because it’s the easiest thing for a fan to first/second-guess.

      Player usage must be the next big criticism. Sometimes a player is so obviously lousy to us but other times I think fans glom on to a player as a good solution just as football fans always fall in love with the 2nd string QB.

      Like you, I wouldn’t want to see Piniella here again.

      Although he didn’t have the horses, I vaguely remember Pena killing many a pitcher’s arm. Then again pitchers’ arms seem to be so fragile I wonder how many careers would be ruined whether a pitcher had 40, 60, or 80 appearances.

    8. JohnnyC
      June 6th, 2006 | 2:07 pm

      It is what it is, baileywalk. Torre’s not going to change. And we’re all not going to ever agree on his managerial abilities. Keep notes but let it slide. We can hope everything works out well in the end and the “kids” keep getting a shot.

    9. RICH
      June 6th, 2006 | 4:27 pm

      Baileywalk gets his/her wish: Long was designated for assignment to make room for Nick Green according to Peter Abraham. I don’t know if it was the decision of Torre or Cashman 🙂

    10. Don
      June 6th, 2006 | 6:49 pm

      So much winning, so much whining.

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