• June 6th vs. The Red Sox

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    Not a bad little game to attend – not at all.

    I got to the Stadium around 5:45 pm-ish. Hey, it’s Sox-Yanks – you know it’s going to be crowded. That’s one thing I don’t get – actually, I mean I’m surprised that more don’t get it. You have to allow time to get to these games. Sitting in the Stadium, early in the game (during the 1st and 2nd innings), and seeing so many empty seats, it’s sad.

    The Yankees draw 40,000 on a bad night. If it’s a big game, like the Red Sox, you know there’s going to be a ton of traffic, etc. So, get there early. Those of us there on time will appreciate not having you walking in during the beginning of the game – and causing us to have to crane our necks to see pitches while we’re already in our seats.

    Speaking of seats, mine are in Section 15 of the Loge – right in front of one of those private suites. Guess who was at the game tonight? Darryl Strawberry stuck his head out of the window to wave to the fans. Funny, I thought he was now a Mets minor league instructor.

    I have to give Wang credit tonight. Early on, he threw so many pitches in the 1st and 2nd innings, I thought “He’ll be lucky to go five today.” And, yet, he was able to get seven innings done in this contest. And, he came in high and tight once to Manny – which the crowd loved.

    The crowd tonight had some good reactions to specific items in the game: Phillips’ great play in the 3rd, Posada’s double in the 4th (which looked like it might go out), Bernie’s homer in the 5th, Phillips making another play in the 7th, Giambi’s walk in the 7th, and A-Rod’s whiff in the 7th.

    But, the biggest reaction had to be on the play that Melky Cabrera made on Manny Ramirez in the 8th.

    You know, superstars post the sexy numbers – but, play-makers win games. Melky Cabrera is a play-maker. I’m so glad that he’s on this team. So many play-makers from the recent ring-run are gone. And, it’s good to see more come along.

    I also enjoyed the hit that the NYC cop put on the jerk in the yellow shirt who ran on to the field in the 6th inning. That was an “LT”-like sack. He dropped that guy like a bad habit.

    By the way, if you saw a guy at the game tonight in the stands going through garbage looking for plastic red caps to Coke bottles, that was my friend Jeff. He was thrilled that he was able to get 22 of them for some contest that he’s doing on-line. I rode him pretty good about being silly on this – especially since he’s 48-years-old. Now, the joke will be on me if he wins something from this thing.

    But, it won’t beat the joke that we saw leaving the Stadium.

    We were stuck on the ramps in the Stadium, and they’re just crawling, because they’re packed. But, it’s cool – because everyone’s chanting “Let’s-Go Yan-kees” and “Bos-ton Sucks” and stuff like that.

    And, just then, a girl in front of me grabs another girl that she’s with and kisses her on the mouth – and she’s holding the other girl’s head so that she can’t break the kiss. I say to Jeff “Dude, did you just see that?” and he says “No, I was reaching for that empty Coke bottle on the floor.” And, then, the guy next to me says “No problem. I took a picture on my cell phone” and he shows us the picture.

    Turns out that the two girls, the guy with the cell phone, and another guy (there) all work together. And, they wanted to set up the one girl (the kiss-ee) who probably had a few beers at the game.

    The girl who got kissed ended up talking with Jeff for a while – since the crowd was moving so slow. It was a pretty funny conversation.

    And, just for good measure, later on, the “other” girl grabbed her friend again and locked lips with her – as the cell phone guy snapped another picture.

    Can you just imagine how much fun these four are going to have at work tomorrow?

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    1. Yu Hsing Chen
      June 7th, 2006 | 2:15 am

      heh good story.

      It’s amazing how this team is playing so far. It’s not just that they are winning, but how they manage to do it . its just a very nice complete team effort in almost all the games.

    2. Don
      June 7th, 2006 | 2:44 am

      I really don’t miss Matsui.

    3. MJ
      June 7th, 2006 | 9:01 am

      Don, by my count, you hate Matsui, Sheffield, and ARod and you probably don’t like Giambi and Damon either. Do you hate the pitchers as much as the hitters? What is it about these guys that you dislike? That they’re not homegrown Yankees like Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, and Scott Brosius? It’s great to love Melky (I love him too) but Matsui shouldn’t bear the brunt of your anger towards the front office. He’s been a good player for us and a pretty nice guy too.

    4. June 7th, 2006 | 9:14 am

      Yeah, personally, what’s not to like about Matsui? I think a team of nine Hideki Matsui’s would win a lot of games. Plus, he goes about hin job without any baggage. I miss him.

    5. Rich
      June 7th, 2006 | 9:33 am

      MJ: I’m not sure what kind of tone you’re taking when mentioning Paulie O, Tino, and Scotty, but they’re not home grown either (I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic).

      I can see a dislike for Sheff, ARod, Giambi and even Damon, but not Matsui. He’s probably the classiest of all the Yanks (save Jeets and Mo). He doesn’t really say much, he just goes out there and gets busy.

      But, to be honest, I don’t miss him or Sheff right now. I really like watching the younger players, but I know if we had Matsui in left, Melky in right, and Sheff/Giambi splitting DH time, we’d be an even better ballclub. If the Milkman keeps up this pace, do you guys think he’ll be starting even when Sheff/Matsui return?

      One thing I did notice last night was AP’s lack of ability to adjust to speed changes. He looked downright ugly out there. He’s a fastball hitter, and if the rest of the league picks up on that he’s going to have to adjust to breaking stuff/changes in a hurry or he’s going to be pulling hat tricks on a daily basis.

    6. baileywalk
      June 7th, 2006 | 9:46 am

      One of the best wins of the year, an amazing defensive play by Mely, and Wang with an extraordinary start against his bugaboo team the Red Sox — and we get a story about neophyte lesbians?

      Kidding, Steve, kidding…

      I know I should probably temper my enthusiasm, but I really feel good about this team. I am a little sick of how everyone talks about the “young guys.” Most nights it’s A-Rod and Giambi and Jeter and Damon — not to mention Mo and Moose — getting the wins. Melky doesn’t win these games alone, but there is something special about him. You can’t deny that this team feels looser. It’s hard to say exactly why that is — after all, only two of the Yankees’ starters are young (Melky, Cano) and only one other is a “rookie” (Andy, who, with all that minor-league experience, is practically a vet). Maybe it’s a paternal, nurturing instinct in the guys coming out and getting exciting for Melky. Who knows. All I know is that it’s working. Maybe having a few guys down and a few young guys on the team takes the pressure off the other players.

      Anyway, my favorite moment of the night was seeing Farns mouth “holy shit,” then mug it up with A-Rod, and then hug Melky on his way back to the dugout.

      It was pretty nice seeing him blow away Ortiz, too. Ortiz and Farns have matched up three times this year. Ortiz is 0-3 with three strikeouts.

    7. Raf
      June 7th, 2006 | 11:13 am

      Anyway, my favorite moment of the night was seeing Farns mouth “holy shit,” then mug it up with A-Rod, and then hug Melky on his way back to the dugout.

      It was pretty nice seeing him blow away Ortiz, too. Ortiz and Farns have matched up three times this year. Ortiz is 0-3 with three strikeouts.

      Yep, that was a cool moment, wasn’t it? The look on Manny’s face was pretty funny too.

      I’m happy for Melky, glad to see he’s making the most of this opportunity. He’s come a long way from that botched flyball in Fenway.

    8. MJ
      June 7th, 2006 | 11:14 am

      Rich – I was being sarcastic. Of course I know Paulie, Tino and Scotty aren’t homegrown. I was merely making a point that a lot of fans don’t like the players we’ve added from 2002-present because they’re free agents and I just like to point out that most of our “favorite Yankees” weren’t homegrown either. If we win the WS this year (and I pray it happens), will those that hate Matsui, Sheffield, Giambi, Damon, ARod and the rest of these guys start liking them?

      Anyway, I was just tweaking Don (in jest, of course) because he’s always saying how much he hates this Yankee or that.

      PS – Bailey – my favorite moment was seeing Damon all pumped up out there after the catch. Your favorite moments were a close second for me, especially seeing Farns and Melky together.

    9. Jen
      June 7th, 2006 | 12:10 pm

      The take-down of the guy running on the field was great. I haven’t seen one of those in a while. It looked like he was giving up and then he just got nailed.

    10. June 7th, 2006 | 12:22 pm

      He did give the fair catch signal once he hit RF – and then that one cop just laid a wicked shoulder into him…..and he went down faster than Paris Hilton after a $1,000 bottle of champagne.

    11. Raf
      June 7th, 2006 | 12:40 pm

      I miss seeing those security hits @ the Stadium…

      I know she’s gotta be pretty old now, but whatever happened to Morganna?

    12. June 7th, 2006 | 12:49 pm

      Retired 5 years ago.


      She’s only 53 now.

    13. Don
      June 7th, 2006 | 2:53 pm

      I merely said I don’t miss Matsui. And I don’t.

      How this translates into “hate” is bizarre.

    14. rbj
      June 7th, 2006 | 3:36 pm

      LoL on Paris, Steve.
      Matsui’s got more pop than Melky at the moment (well, not right now as he’s on the DL) so he could’ve made up for not catching Manny’s dinger with one of his own. Still, I think a team needs some new life blood in it.

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