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    Anyone who reads Baseball America can tell you that (the Indians) Jeremy Sowers is a very promising young pitcher. So, I’m torn on the outcome of this game (from the Yankees fan perspective).

    First, throw out Wang’s effort. He got some pitches up. Still, even if he only allowed 2 runs tonight, the Yankees are not going to win this game. Again, it’s the Yankees offense that was the game-breaker in this loss.

    Ok, back to the source of my Imbruglia agita. Was tonight just a matter of Sowers’ talent? Or, is it just the Yankees being as bad, still, now, as they were for most of June? Maybe the offensive explosion from last night was less Yankees goodness and more the sucky-ness of the Mets’ starter Olay O-lay Soler?

    If I had to make a call on this now, with all due respect for young Mr. Sowers, I have to say that this evening is just the Yankees continuing to struggle to score runs.

    And, it may get worse. Take a look at Bernie Williams since June 21st. His batting average is close to a hundred. Around 5 weeks ago, I said “Forget what I said in December. Bernie’s not washed up. He can help this team in some ways.” But, in reality, maybe Bernie, this year, is Tino Martinez from last year?

    Remember last season? Tino was supposed to be a glove-caddy at 1B. But, he got a bunch of playing time early in the year and hit better than anyone expected. And, it was a Tino-love-fest at the Stadium. Sounds just like Bernie this year, right? And, how did Tino do in the second-half last year? We could be seeing the same thing happening now with Bernie.

    And, if Bernie is going to be a dud, then the Yankees are left with just one outfielder who’s going to hit. That’s not going to help the Yankees offense be better.

    Speaking of which, notice that Todd Hollandsworth went deep against the Yankees tonight? That’s the second time (this year) that he’s busted up a game for the Yankees with a long ball. I told you back in December of last year that he could be a useful bench player. Looking at the Yankees’ corner outfielders the last month, I would now say that he would have been a very useful bench player for New York.

    He would be a lot better than Bubba Crosby and Kevin Reese.

    You know, some say that it was the lack of a decent bench that cost the Yankees from winning the division, outright, last season. Are things any better this year? Are they worse?

    For what it’s worth, this exact time, last year, I wrote:

    This is the problem when you have three-quarters of your infield making ~$51 million, your outfield making ~$32 million, and four-fifths of your starting rotation making ~$59 million.

    To fill out the rest of your team, you’re left to the Kevin Reeses, Wayne Franklins, Jason Andersons, Bubba Crosbys, Brad Voyles and Aaron Smalls of the world.

    Sad, huh? But, get used to it. Yankees fans have another two years of this situation after this season.

    What you see now from the Yankees – the inability to survive injury – just may be the state of the team for a while.

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    1. baileywalk
      July 4th, 2006 | 12:53 am

      It was a perfect storm tonight. Yankees score in the first and then never score again; they can’t hit a rookie pitcher they’ve never seen before; and with a chance to blow the game open, they do squat (Bernie K-ing with the bases loaded).

      This was a combination of a decent pitcher and a sluggish, tired, not-great-after-the-fourth-batter offense. Take Posada out of the lineup and bat Bernie fifth, and you have a shitty lineup. Bring back Cano and put in Posada, and you no longer have a shitty lineup. I don’t think people understand just how valuable Cano is to this team right now. They miss him.

      I’m not saying the Yankees would have come back (though it had that feel), but that was THE WORST STRIKE CALL I’VE EVER SEEN. EVER. The catcher didn’t even pull it up! It was ON THE FLOOR. And he called it a strike. Clearly he wanted to go home. I don’t even say that as a joke. It would have been three-and-oh and Wickman most likely would have walked the bases loaded.

      Also, why in the world was Torre pinch-hitting Reese for Green? Because he’s a lefty? Is Wickman that bad against lefties? Reese isn’t a good hitter. I think three of the four hits he has in the bigs were little bloopers. Nick Green hit a FOUR-HUNDRED-FOOT HOME RUN LAST NIGHT, TORRE! What the hell? Green has a decent swing with some pop in his bat. And at the very least he’s better than Kevin Reese.

      Bernie’s streak is over and now his bat isn’t carrying his awful play in the outfield. Get Kevin Thompson up here and start him in right. Torre can still keep his boyfriend Bubba Crosby. But just get Bernie out of the lineup already. He’s not even hitting right-handed anymore.

      And finally… a little note about the broadcasters. I believe in jinxes. Sorry if you think it’s foolish. But it was like Kay was deliberately trying to jinx Wang. Apropos of nothing, he says, “But Wang has been keeping it in the ballpark” — and then BANG!, Wang gives up the home run. And Kay got so embarrassed by being called a homer that now he’s the “anti-homer.” He screams with such joy when the Yankees give up a home run. As he did tonight: “THERE IT GOES…!” Fuck you, Kay. There’s nothing homerish about not having an orgasm when the team who’s paying your salary gives up a big hit. Does he not realize that most people who are watching are Yankee fans? That they don’t want to hear a guy enjoying the team’s loss?

      Anyway, hopefully they fire his ass soon. It’s miserable when they lose; he makes it more miserable.

      Our boy Scotty K. shut out the BoSox again. And Hughes — on a strict pitch count — when 4.3 innings, gave up 2 hits, no runs, and struck out 9. I plan to genuflect next time I’m in Trenton to see him pitch. Cox came in and threw a couple of scoreless innings after him.

    2. brockdc
      July 4th, 2006 | 3:44 am

      Recipe for beating the Yankees:

      1. Call up one AAA pitcher (the more obscure the better!)
      2. Watch and enjoy

    3. July 4th, 2006 | 10:48 am

      I completely identify with Bailey’s angst, especially where Bernie is concerned. I even wrote bcashman@yankees.com last night to tell him to physically restrain Torre from writing his name into the lineup! The address works by the way, I’ve gotten mail back from him.

      However, I see a different pattern developing over the years and it does have to do with age. We seem to win a big game against whatever team we’re playing right before we leave for Cleveland, and we get beat there because the team comes out flat. I’ve been to the Jake for these games, and it seems to happen every year. We beat someone important to us, have to hurry to Cleveland, don’t get enough sleep, come out flat, lose the first one, and give up on the rest. I remember one year sitting in the stands at the Jake looking at the guy next to me and saying “Who are these guys?” when looking at the Yankees on the field. His response? “They’re shitty.” See Major League……

    4. July 4th, 2006 | 3:21 pm

      Scott – what has Brian said back to you?

    5. July 4th, 2006 | 4:42 pm

      A couple of years ago when Sheffield had that wrist injury in Spring Training he was making a stink about the Yankees letting out information I sent a couple of notes to Cashman. At the time we, meaning a yahoo group, were guessing at how we might email Yankee Brass and we came up with the traditional first initial-last name @Yankees.com. I was fresh off a training sesssion in the then-new HIPPA laws and sent Cashman a note saying that if Sheff wants the info kept secret he should keep it a secret because of the new regulations. Cashman sent me two notes back, I probably just caught him at his computer, all about how the Hippa regs had been worked out with the new Labor Agreement, how Sheff had misunderstood and it was the media, and on a bit. It’s a nice couple of notes and I’ve kept them to say the least! So I know that the link works, can send copies of the notes if you wish, and send him notes frequently. For a while the folks in my http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/YankeesMVP1/group were laughing because I’d send a note to Cashman and in a day or two the move I suggested would be made. However, I’m no longer on staff because I’m campaigning to get Bernie sidelined and it’s not working! LOL!! Hope that helps!

    6. Jen
      July 4th, 2006 | 10:42 pm

      Thanks Scott. I think I’m going to send Brian a note to free Mendoza.

    7. July 4th, 2006 | 11:21 pm

      Send him a barrage of notes! He needs to free Mendoza! He needs to find a bomber! There is much he needs to do, some of which we are aware of, some of which he knows better than us! Jen is right. Send him your opinions! It can only help!

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