• July 15th vs. The White Sox

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    It’s interesting to see back-to-back score outcomes like yesterday and today.

    It’s interesting to me because it helped form this question in my head this evening: From the Yankees fan perspective, which type of “win” is more “enjoyable” – the “late and close win” or “the laugher”?

    In terms of “viewing pleasure,” I would imagine that there’s a view-angle contingency.

    If you’re watching the game at home, on TV, I would bet that the “late and close” game keeps your attention longer than the game where the score is 8-0, Yanks, after four.

    But, if you’re at the Stadium, where you can revel with 50,000 others, then I think, maybe, the romp-win is the preferred game outcome. Then again, the greatest games that I’ve ever attended in person have been those which have been “late and close” wins.

    In terms of “comfort level,” there’s no question that “the laugher” is less stress on your heart and/or sphincter – regardless of where you watch the game.

    At the end of the day, all “wins” are enjoyable – regardless of the shape or size. And, perhaps, just as “variety is the spice of life,” having variance in the way you win is what keeps it the most entertaining for the fans?

    Speaking of winning, as I write this, Boston is leading Oakland, 5-0, in the 4th inning. As a Yankees fan, of course, I find that a shame. It would have been extra sweet to see the A’s beat the Red Sox tonight and slice the “Games Back” column to a half at the close of business today.

    I’ll be at the Yankees game tomorrow – and, I was looking forward to being at the game where (maybe) it could be said (with a Yankees win tomorrow and another Boston loss on Sunday) that the Yankees went into first place in 2006 and never looked back.

    Then again, maybe the A’s can come back in this game today? Or, is that being greedy after watching the Yankees beat the defending World Champs the last two games?

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    1. July 15th, 2006 | 9:00 pm

      I was at the game today.

      I think that maybe it was the easiest Yankee win I ever attended. Usually they are scratching and clawing for the win when I go.

      I had a lot of fun today, but I think that the close games might be more fun…especially if it is with a contending team. Only because comeback and the runs mean so much more…it makes it more exciting…The Stadium is more electric.

      This game was fun, but the urgency adds something to it.

    2. Jen
      July 16th, 2006 | 1:15 am

      I’ve seen my share of both laughers and close games at the Stadium. It’s tough to make a call on which is a more enjoyable experience. I guess I’d have to go with the close game because it doesn’t matter who the opponent is. A close game gets the Stadium charged up no matter who is playing. Laughers only seem to be enjoyable start to finish when they’re playing someone like the Mets or Red Sox. And I think most of that is due to Yankee fans getting on the case of the obnoxious fans of other teams. You know, the kind that come into the Stadium thumping their chests, only to slink into their seats when their teams start taking a beating.

      One good thing about laughers no matter who is playing, the crowd thins out early and it’s easier to leave at the end of the game.

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