• July 23rd @ The Blue Jays

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    I missed this game today. We took the kids to go see the N.J. Jackals play. It’s not the greatest level of play, nor the most fun minor league park. But, the building where I work sits right behind CF – and, for $9 you can get a seat four rows behind the dugout as a walk-up. If you like watching live baseball, up close, and cheap – then the Jackals are your ticket.

    So, now I’m three-for-three in terms of going to a minor league game this season and having the Yankees lose bad while I’m having fun at another park.

    Looks like that object in the rear-view is getting closer still, huh?

    You know, coming into this series, I mentioned that Damon, Melky, Jeter and A-Rod were the Yankees hot hitters in the month of July. And, I said that it would be helpful for them to keep it up in Toronto. So, how did they do? See below:

    Damon: 5 for 16 (.313)
    Jeter: 6 for 14 (.429)
    Melky: 6 for 14 (.429)
    A-Rod: 2 for 16 (.125)

    Joe batting Alex Rodriguez in the clean-up spot during this entire big series did not help the team. Then again, I said a month ago that A-Rod, in New York, has never been at his best when batting fourth in the line-up.

    It’s just another piece in the Alex Rodriguez puzzle.

    Lastly, Ponson’s AL ERA this season is now 10.00. Think any G.M.’s of teams other than the Yankees will be quoting that number to Brian Cashman in phone calls this week?

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    1. baileywalk
      July 23rd, 2006 | 8:25 pm

      It might not be 10.00 if Torre left him in. People call me a Torre basher, but seriously: I’ve never seen a manager use his pitchers worse. Yes, Ponson wasn’t doing anything special, but there was no reason to take him out of the game. He gave up the two home runs. Then Bubba misplayed an out into a hit and then he walked a man. That’s just too short of a lease. And Torre didn’t have anything better to go to. On what planet is Kris Wilson, who has no business even being on this team or in the majors, an upgrade? It was a typical overreaction by Torre. Ponson had FIVE strikeouts in two innings, which shows you that he had decent stuff. Wilson is a punching bag. Torre basically gave the game away.

      What the hell is Wilson still doing on the team? He failed his tryout and now it’s time for him to go back to AAA. He’s not a reliever. We actually had an effective reliever in Matt Smith (or even T.J. Beam). Why are they sticking with a failed starter like Wilson? Especially with Chacon as the longman.

      Torre seems to believe in the “change for change’s sake,” even when the guy coming in is worse than the guy going out. You can’t bring in a home run machine like Wilson with two men on. Was anyone surprised when he gave up that home run? I’m not a fan of Ponson, but his manager screwed him today.

      And apparently Wilson is a Torre favorite. He said after the game that Wilson won’t be going anywhere. It was just a bad game, he said. I guess he hasn’t noticed that he’s given up home runs in almost all of his appearances.

      Sometimes the Yankees are stuck with losers like Kris Wilson because there is no alternative. Well, we have an alternative and his name is Matt Smith. He pitched well while he was here (0.00 ERA and all). It’s time for him to get his plane ticket back. You can’t have Ponson, Chacon and Wilson on the roster; they are redundant.

      Torre said after the game he felt “helpless.” I’m sure his players feel the same way having to live with his asinine decisions. I seriously have my doubts that the Yankees can win again with Joe managing the ship. If he doesn’t have a flawless pitching staff — where he can roll out a Clemens, Wells, Cone, Moose, Mo, Stanton, etc. — each day/inning, he’s lost. He costs this team games. And they can’t afford that now.

    2. jonm
      July 23rd, 2006 | 9:06 pm

      I agree with baileywalk on this. Torre plays favorites with his pitching staff and it’s not entirely clear why he favors one pitcher over another. I was hoping that this would be better after Stottlemyre left, but it hasn’t been any better.

    3. MJ
      July 23rd, 2006 | 10:36 pm

      And as I always say, how can you exonerate Brian Cashman in all this? It’s Cashman’s job to assemble the 25-man roster. If Torre keeps on turning to worthless dopes like Kris Wilson, that is at least in part due to the fact that Cashman isn’t doing his job. I agree with you that Joe’s making mistakes but so is Cashman if he’s going to indulge Torre on every single teacher’s pet player on the team (Bernie, Wilson, Sturtze, etc.). Enough is enough – Cashman’s simply not doing his job.

    4. JohnnyC
      July 24th, 2006 | 12:38 pm

      MJ, Joe Torre has managed this team for 11 season, has won 4 rings, and the Yankees have made the post-season every year. In addition, the minute anyone suggests that he’s a less-than-HOF manager, the fans, the media, and all right-thinking, Yankee-hating Americans call it a travesty of justice. There are people in the media who think this is Torre’s best season yet as Yankee manager. You’re Brian Cashman. You do not have 30 years in the game as a player, coach, and front office exec. Torre throws his 4 rings and 40 years in the game in your face. What do you do? Well, he capitulates. Now maybe you, me and bailey are made of sterner stuff but as the song says “walk a mile in my shoes.” That said, I agree that Cashman’s deference to Torre is a major, major negative for the team’s fortunes. My only thought is, there but for the grace of…

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