• July 25th @ The Rangers

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    The Yankees scored 7 runs on 4 hits in this game.

    Did the Yankees win this one, or, did Texas hand it to them?

    There’s something about Aaron Guiel that makes me think of someone else. It’s his body-type, swing, etc. It’s still not coming to me. I want to say Don Mattingly – because he’s a smallish LH-batter, and he’s wearing # 46 (which was young Donnie’s first number). But, the swing, while at times looks Mattingly-ish, also reminds me of Ken Phelps and/or Dan Pasqua. In any event, Guiel has some skills. He’s not a bad part to have on your team. This was a good pick-up by the Yankees.

    I spent most of the night clicking back and forth between this game and “Work Out” (on Bravo). And, I have to confess, I was more interested in Work Out.


    I’m not sure. Maybe it was the lack of hits by the Yankees? Maybe it was just the pace of the game in general? Or, maybe it’s because I’m on sorta-Yankees-overload? Or, maybe it’s because this Yankees team, at this stage of the season, is not very interesting to watch?

    Or, it’s some combination of these reasons.

    Right now, I’m not too concerned about it – I’d rather worry more about who Aaron Guiel reminds me of when he’s hitting. It’s a more pleasant problem to tackle.

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    1. Seamus
      July 26th, 2006 | 10:12 am

      The 4 hits thing isn’t a big deal. Clearly, Eaton lacked control, but he also got a favorable strike zone and many Yankees were caught looking early. IN the end, when you are being walked and not given hittable pitches you are not going to get hits.

    2. jonm
      July 26th, 2006 | 10:46 am

      That Pasqua comparison is dead-on. I don’t remember Phelps’ swing well-enough to comment on that comparison.

    3. July 26th, 2006 | 11:44 am

      “Did the Yankees win this one, or, did Texas hand it to them?”

      This is a false and maybe even pointless dichotomy. Would you think the Yankees did a better job if the seven runs came on 10 hits instead of four? 7 runs on 4 hits looks to me like the Yankees took advantage of the opportunities Texas gave them. If they’d gotten all those walks and hadn’t managed to convert them into runs we’d all be moaning over missed opportunities.

    4. baileywalk
      July 26th, 2006 | 12:21 pm

      For a guy that runs a Yankees blog and crunches their numbers with the best of them, you do skip out on a bunch of games. I’ve been in “Yankee overload” for over a decade, but it hasn’t stopped me from watching every pitch. And it’s surprising to hear you’re not interested right now, considering how tight things are in the division and the wild card. Right now, if things remain the same, the White Sox could drop out of it and the Twins could overtake us if we take a false step. Who saw that coming? Like last year, the second half of the season is full of drama. (And by the way, since words can normally be misinterpreted, I’m not trying to insult you here.)

      As for the game: bad pitching by the Rangers plus bad fielding by the Rangers plus timely hitting by the Yankees equals a fairly easy win. Mussina deserved a win like this after that debacle in Toronto. Right now is not the time for Andy Phillips to make boneheaded plays in the field. He’s already half out the door.

      I could live to one thousand years old and I STILL wouldn’t understand how Joe uses his bullpen. When you know the next day’s starter probably won’t go more than five or six, why do you burn out a reliable reliever like Proctor for two innings? Farnsworth has shown he can go back-to-back nights. Just use Proctor, Farnsworth and Mo again. Now Proctor, who is once again being totally abused (pitching three days in a row, multiple innings), can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be used tonight. And with Farns unable to pitch more than one inning at a time, that means you might have to hand over a sticky situation to someone else.

      What do you guys make of the rumor that the Yankees are interested in the Braves’ Betemit? They would have to give up Proctor to get him, and they want him to play second. They said in the paper getting him might allow them to move Cano in the off-season for pitching. The idea of trading Cano really makes me want to throw up all over my shoes. Unless Betemit can play first base, I don’t see the point of bringing him on.

    5. JohnnyC
      July 26th, 2006 | 12:24 pm

      jon, Pasqua is correctamundo. The high-in-the-zone swing thing. But Danny held his hands lower and swung with a more pronounced uppercut. Guiel’s flatter swing (he’s all arms and shoulders, very little lower body)does resemble Donnie’s classic “tippy-toes” fastball in his eyes swing. But, the key is the arched toes. Guiel stands flat-footed. So, more Pasqua than Mattingly. And, Steve, this season is turning out to be as exhausting as last season…maybe more so.

    6. MJ
      July 26th, 2006 | 12:43 pm

      Bailey, I’m with you on not wanting to see Cano shipped out. Furthermore, is Betemit really what the team needs right now? Sure Cairo isn’t an everyday player but I’d rather go with Cairo and Proctor (who has tremendous value if allowed to rest from time to time) than Betemit and _______ (Smith? Beam? De Paula? Someone else?). Not that I have anything against Smith and Beam but more depth in the bullpen is the better way to go when starters 4 and 5 are guaranteed to end their day at pitch #85 or the middle of the 5th inning, whichever comes first…

    7. Josh
      July 26th, 2006 | 12:58 pm

      “Workout”? Say it ain’t so, Steve, say it ain’t so. Do we need to revoke your membership as a sports fan? Can we get a ruling on this people?

      On a related note, I’m looking forward to the new reality/game show starting next week. It’s called “Everybody Hates Alex”. Two teams, one composed of ignorant sportswriters and TV talking heads, and the other composed of clueless everyday Joes, compete to see who can offer the most inane, offensive and downright stupid analysis of what’s wrong with A-Rod and why he’ll never win in NY. Hosted by Steve Phillips with psychological insights provided by Dr. Joyce Brothers.

    8. July 26th, 2006 | 1:23 pm

      ROTFLMAO Josh.

    9. rbj
      July 26th, 2006 | 2:27 pm

      Josh, how’d you get an advance copy of ESPN’s winter schedule?

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