• Girardi Remembers

    Posted by on July 28th, 2006 · Comments (0)

    From the Palm Beach Post

    When he initially joined the Yankees in 1996, coming from Colorado to replace popular catcher Mike Stanley, fans did not even wait until he played his first game to voice their displeasure.

    “I got booed the first month and a half, and I didn’t even do anything,” Girardi said. “I got booed before I got there.

    “They loved Stanley, and he was a home-run hitter. I got booed at the FanFest. … I got signs on opening day – ‘Go Back to Colorado.’ ”

    It did not let up until May 14, 1996, when Dwight Gooden took the mound with Girardi catching.

    “I got booed until Gooden threw his no-hitter, and then it all started to change,” Girardi said.

    And, after that triple in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series, it’s safe to say that Girardi will never be booed in New York again.

    As bad as the fans can get on a guy in New York, all it takes is one huge play to win them over for good.

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