• July 29th vs. The Devil Rays

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    The week before you need to go out and get a new policy for your car insurance is the worst week to go out and get five speeding tickets. And, when you need pitching and it’s the weekend before the trading deadline, it’s the worst time to have four of your pitchers get undressed in a game.

    Brian Cashman must hate answering his phone at this moment.

    You know what? It’s almost August. A legit playoff contender does not go out there at this stage of the season and gets it’s clock cleaned by a team as lowly as the Devil Rays are at this junction.

    This is embarrassing with a capital “E.”

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    1. July 29th, 2006 | 8:12 pm

      “A legit playoff contender doesn’t get its clock cleaned this late in the season?”

      Are you kidding?

      Are you telling me that real playoff contenders never get pushed around…at all…ever? Or only before July?

      That is ridiculous.

      It was a bad game. The Yankees had a bad game against Cleveland, and rebounded from that nicely. Who’s to say the same thing won’t happen here?

    2. RICH
      July 29th, 2006 | 9:25 pm

      Since the Yankees are not a legitimate playoff contender do you want them to sell off / trade some of the players to real contenders? Villone might bring in a prospect. Proctor too unless you think he should be held on to in case next year the Yankees become legitimate.

      How about Rivera? I don’t think he has a no trade and since everyone’s looking for bullpen help even though his salary is high for this year and next maybe a team might be willing to eat the salary as long as we don’t ask for anything in return.

      Luckily this game happened or else I would have kept deluding myself that the team was legitimate. Thanks for setting me straight.

      It’s not football. It’s not 162 one game seasons. If the Yankees miss the playoffs by one game I don’t think this is the one that will be the ultimate cause. Everyone knows that Arod’s lousy pitching will be the reason.

    3. July 29th, 2006 | 10:43 pm

      It’s OK if you want to disagree. But, to me, it’s this simple:

      You’re a 1/2 game out of first, and there’s just 1/3 of the season left. There are 13 other teams in the league. The one that you’re playing is the 12th worst out of that group of 13.

      The pitcher you are facing has yet to get a win in this league. In fact, he’s never, ever, won in the month of July in his life. Yeah, in his career, he’s 0-11 in the month of July.

      And, what happens? You get the crap beat out of you and you lose by 13 runs.

      Losing is not the crime here. Even great teams lose 4 out of 10. The joke here is letting a team ram it to you.

      Fact: The only visiting team to score more than 19 runs in a game at Yankee Stadium was the Cleveland Indians in a 22-0 win on Aug. 31, 2004.

      We’re talking a beating of record measure here.

      And, you’re supposed to be playing better than that when you’re a tick out of 1st and the season clock is working against you.

      Like I said, I find this game outcome to be embarrasing.

      Every game is important now. And, if Torre and the Yankees don’t understand that, well, shame on them.

      But, again, that’s just my opinion. Others may not agree and that’s fine with me.

    4. Nick from Washington Heights
      July 30th, 2006 | 12:17 am

      I guess I’m going to agree with Steve and say that this was an embarassing loss. And I’m going to disagree also and say that the Yanks are a legitimate play-off contender. They’re only 1.5 games from the AL East lead and .5 game back in the wild card without the services of Sheffield or Matsui. I think they’ve played their hearts out.

    5. David
      July 30th, 2006 | 12:22 am

      What was particularly disappointing was the poor performance Johnson and Chacon. The Yanks have a pretty good bullpen, even without Beam or Chacon. The bullpen will hopefully get better when Dotel joins the team.

      But, the Yanks have just 2 reliable starters, 2 mediocre starters, and no fifth starter. And, what happens if Moose or Tiger gets injured?

      I don’t know the answer.

    6. Yu Hsing Chen
      July 30th, 2006 | 12:48 am

      Plz retire after this season Randy… arragh.

    7. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2006 | 12:59 am

      Jesus Christ on a fucking cross, Steve. Chill out. You’re a passionate fan like myself, which is why I like reading this blog so much, but I think you tend to get too bent out of shape over individual losses.

      Yeah, this was embarrassing. My God, what a humiliation. Giving up 19 runs to the DEVIL RAYS? I really wanted to just turn away and shut the game off (of course I didn’t, because I’m an obsessive little bastard).

      You mention that 22-0 beatdown by the Indians. Which happened a month later than this game. And you know what? We won the division that year and came within a few outs of getting to the World Series. And that Indians team wasn’t anything special. So I wouldn’t say this one game portends our doom.

      This was last year’s Randy Johnson. The guy we hadn’t seen much of this year. He simply had NOTHING. What was frustrating is that he got shelled twice with two outs. So with just a little bit of luck he could have avoided either big inning. But he didn’t — he walked Gomes twice and he got rocked two straight innings.

      I didn’t stick around for the post-game so I didn’t hear if Randy was hurt or not (I actually just got home a little while ago and didn’t hear any news on him). He had a decent fastball, but no control. And when he has no control, he gets blasted. If he’s not hurt, I still feel that Randy can be an effective third starter. Though it’s imperative for the Yankees to finally ‘fess up and CALL him a third starter. Moose is one. Wang is two. Randy is three. And I doubt they can set up the playoff rotation, but that’s the way it should be.

      Here are some of the things that bugged me about this game:

      1) Andy popping up with a man on third just as it looked like we would rally.
      2) A-Rod hitting the first pitch he saw and grounding out when we had the bases loaded and the game was still more or less close enough to come back (here’s a situation where he deserved to get booed; it was maybe one of his worst at-bats as a Yankee).
      3) Myers coming into the game and giving up a double to Crawford and then a home run to Lee. I know he hasn’t pitched in a while, but did he forget how to pitch to lefites? That inning was the real back-breaker. When it went from a blowout to an embarrassment.

      And I hate to get on a guy who’s so nice, but could the YES Network PLEASE get Bobby Murcer out of the booth? It’s like he’s been stuck in a closet for three years and doesn’t even know what team is on the field. He continues to talk about how the Yankees can run such an amazing lineup out there and how from top to bottom they can drive the ball out of the park. Bobby, LOOK AT THE LINEUP! Andy Phillips, Aaron Guiel, Cairo, Melky. Wake up. He said if you look at the Devil Rays players and looked at the Yankee players, obviously the Yankees should beat the Rays. Um, hate to tell you this, Bobby, but on the offensive side, the Rays stack up real well.

      He also repeats himself endlessly — repeating the same shit about Randy Johnson that he was last year. He says Johnson has no zip on the fastball as the gun shows 94. With Seo pitching, he’s calling fastballs changeups and changeups fastballs. He also called the radar gun a “clock.” Jesus…

      Anyway, the guy really drives me nuts. He said the GM of the Devil Rays “asked” B.J. Upton if he WANTED (!) to move to third base because they were trading Huff and it “might be a quicker trip to the big leagues.” Upton has been playing third base all year because he was an error machine at shortstop. This guy talks right out of his ass.

      If the Yankees win tomorrow behind Moose and then win a few more, this will be forgotten.

      I want to thank K-Rod and the Angels for rolling over and letting Big Papi and the Red Sox violate them. They can’t beat us enough, but when it’s the Sox, they can’t grab their ankles fast enough.

    8. Don
      July 30th, 2006 | 3:07 am

      Steve, could you please institute a policy of no taking the Lord’s name in vain permitted. I am personally offended by that part of the above diatribe. It is not necessary on this board, which is of course your property. But this is, to me, beyond the pale.

      Thank you for your consideration.

    9. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2006 | 8:27 am

      Jesus Christ, Don — oops! I live amongst a family of Catholics — my brother-in-law and his clan are real Bible-thumpers — so I appreciate your annoying sensitivity to anything you perceive as an insult to your god. But I think you log this one as a “get over it,” since I obviously meant no offense, it’s simply a saying, and censoring the posts would be a higher crime than some strive toward an aching PC conscience.

    10. July 30th, 2006 | 10:13 am

      I will ask everyone to play nice with each other – please, and, thanks.

    11. July 30th, 2006 | 10:18 am

      FWIW, I do agree on the comments about Murcer. I love the guy. He’s a great member of the Yankees family. But, he knows as much about baseball as a tree knows about performing heart surgery.

      I nearly tossed my cookies on Friday when he went on about the “AWESOME” job that Bernie’s doing this year.

      “Surprising” would have been acceptable – because Bernie has been better than a normal person would have expected – albeit still not very good. “Awesome” means means Murcer is watching the games through Yankees blinders.

    12. Don
      July 30th, 2006 | 1:13 pm

      Bailey, try growing up. And not permitting the Lord’s name to be taken in vain is hardly censorship. Which is all I asked for Steve, this has nothing to do with ‘playing nice’.

    13. July 30th, 2006 | 11:01 pm

      Posting with consideration that certain comments, alebit meant with no harm, may, still, perhaps, in some way, offend others is playing nice in my book.

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