• Stark: Abreu & Lidle For Henry & White

    Posted by on July 30th, 2006 · Comments (12)

    From Rotoworld:

    ESPN’s Jayson Stark believes the Yankees will acquire Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle from the Phillies for 2005 first-round pick C.J. Henry and right-hander Steven White.

    I have no beef with giving up Steven White. He’s already 25-years-old and has had issues throwing strikes in the minors the last two seasons. At best, he’s a back-end of the rotation guy someday. At worst, he never gets out of Triple-A.

    C.J. Henry? He’s toolsy – but, he has some holes in his game. And, at best, he’s three years away from being able to help a big league team. A lot can happen in three years.

    I see this deal as White for Lidle and Henry for Abreu. That’s about right. I don’t think the Yankees got taken to school on this one.

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    1. July 30th, 2006 | 1:32 pm

      At 1:15, Abreu was in the lineup for the Phillies.

      At 1:26, he was pulled from it.

    2. Josh
      July 30th, 2006 | 2:00 pm

      YES is also reporting this. If this is in fact the deal it could be a potential steal. Certainly, it improves this team right now substantially.

    3. Rich
      July 30th, 2006 | 2:05 pm

      ESPN.com says it’s Matt Smith instead of White.


    4. July 30th, 2006 | 3:11 pm

      I hope it’s White, but rotoworld is notoriously inaccurate. ESPN says Matt Smith.

    5. July 30th, 2006 | 3:32 pm

      According to FOXSports.com’s Ken Rosenthal, the Phillies will get SS C.J. Henry, LHP Matt Smith, C Jesus Sanchez and RHP Carlos Monasterio from the Yankees for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle.

    6. jonm
      July 30th, 2006 | 3:54 pm

      Info on Sanchez and Monasterio:

      Sanchez is an 18 year old C for the GCL Yankees — obviously very raw. Monasterio is a 20 year old P for the GCL Yankees. I suspect these guys are filler for the Phillies — to make it look like they got more.

      Abreu has 16 RCAA, which would tie him with Damom for fifth place on the Yankees.

      This will be the best deal made by any team at this deadline.

    7. Nick from Washington Heights
      July 30th, 2006 | 4:03 pm

      score one for Cashman.

    8. 98Yanks
      July 30th, 2006 | 4:17 pm

      it seems a pretty good deal right now. what is cory lidle? the 5th starter? the long reliever?

      if so, who’s gone? ponson? chacon?

      unfortunately, this spells less playing time for melky, which i dislike. however, he can be used as a pinch-runner/hitter & defensive replacement. i hope they do NOT trade him.

    9. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2006 | 6:17 pm

      I suppose you can’t really complain about this deal. Giving up on a first-round draft pick this soon is pretty odd, though.

      The only problem is that Melky won’t have a place with the team next year. Which means he’ll either be here as a fourth outfielder or back in AAA (or traded).

      I hope I’m surprised, but I seriously don’t expect ANYTHING from Cory Lidle. Maybe he’s a slight upgrade over Ponson and Chacon, but it’s slight.

      On a side note: I hope getting Abreu means Giambi will get a day or two off to rest his knee. It’s obvious that he can’t drive the ball. He’s popping everything up. Can’t Torre see this? This is definitely not one of those times where someone can “work through it.”

    10. MJ
      July 30th, 2006 | 6:33 pm

      The things I’m most worried about are:

      1. Torre playing Bernie over Melky in LF
      2. Giambi playing more 1B
      3. Abreu going from little power to even less now that he’ll actually face good pitching for the next six weeks.

      Also, I’m very upset that Melky will either lose time or be traded in 2007. I don’t care what the WPA or RCAA stats say, Melky’s been a breath of fresh air for this team.

    11. baileywalk
      July 30th, 2006 | 6:59 pm

      I have good news and bad news for you, MJ:

      The good news is that Torre said Bernie would move back into his role from earlier in the year — more of a bench player.

      The bad news is that Torre mentioned Bernie playing centerfield.

      So it sounds like Melky will be in left until Matsui gets back… but part of the role-manipulation (getting Bernie, Melky, Bobby, Matsui and Giambi at-bats) will involved Bernie playing some center.

      Also, I think we can now count out Sheffield coming back this year. He knows he’s gone. And I’m sure he’s pissed off about that.

    12. jonm
      July 30th, 2006 | 7:16 pm

      Before this deal, the Yankees probably were in a position where they had to pick up Sheffield. Lee and Soriano would have been very expensive, long-term commitments.
      Picking up the option would have been a shaky thing because then Sheffield is playing without a contract. He would have b*&ched and moaned and been a real distraction next year. Sheffield has been a great, great player and he was fun to watch, but he has always created more problems than he should. It will keep Sheffield out of the Hall of Fame. He’s sort of a poor man’s Dick Allen in that respect.

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