• Better Mind Your O’s & M’s

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    Here’s the Yankees record this year, to date, by month:

    April: 13-10
    May: 18-10
    June: 14-12
    July: 16-9

    Back on April 26th, I made a prediction on how the Yankees would do each month, going forward.

    I had them going 18-11 in May – which was very close to their actual 18-10 record.

    I had them going 19-8 in June – but, they did much worse (14-12). I never predicted that A-Rod would disappear for a month. Oooops. My bad.

    I had them going 14-11 in July – and they were near that (being 2 games better at 16-9).

    Back in April, I predicted that the Yankees would go 16-13 in August and then 19-10 after August. Since I was good in May and July, in terms of my prediction, I’m sticking with my prediction for August.

    There’s many tough teams that the Yankees need to play in August: the Blue Jays, the White Sox, the Angels, the Red Sox, and the Tigers. In total, New York will play 21 games against this group next month.

    What about the other 9 games in August? It’s 6 games against the O’s and 3 against the Mariners.

    These nine games are key for New York in August. If the Yankees take 7 of 9 against the O’s and M’s combined, and then play .500 ball against the “tough” teams that make out the rest of the August schedule, it will be a good month for the Yankees.

    But, if the Yankees look past the O’s and M’s next month, they’re going to be hard pressed to put some distance between them and the rest of the A.L. East in the next upcoming month of play.

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