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    Via The Feeding the Monster Blog

    This year, Crisp seems to have taken on the mantle of the miserable moper convinced everyone’s out to get him, like Edgar Renteria in ‘05 or Nomar Garciaparra in ‘04. Twice in the sixth inning last night Crisp threw wildly off target–first when he threw up the first base line after a spectacular diving catch, later when he skipped a relay throw into the infield after an Orlando Cabrera sacrifice fly–and both times he was hanging his head, Linus-style, before his throws had even been gathered up. Now that Willie Harris (who had been Crisp’s best friend in the clubhouse) is in Pawtucket, Crisp is isolated, sullen and sulking, in spite of the fact that Boston fans have more or less given the guy a free pass. Someone who came in replacing a matinee idol/cult hero and has been a bust on both offense and defense could reasonably expect a lot worse. It’s almost as if Crisp is depressed in preparation for the Boston boo birds.

    Interesting, Crisp was singing a different tune back in April when he signed a $15.5 million, three-year contract extension with the Sox:

    Crisp said his short time in Boston convinced him it was worth giving up his first shot at free agency.

    “I was able to hang out with the guys and the front office, and see what they were like,” Crisp said. “I had fun with the guys. Being with the Red Sox made it easy. You want the security and having that, and playing for the Red Sox, is great. There’s no better place to be.”

    On April 12th of this year, Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein said:

    “We think investing in Coco was a wise move.”


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    1. JohnnyC
      July 31st, 2006 | 12:27 pm

      Obviously, Crisp doesn’t have what it takes to be a real Red Sock. He’s no dirt dog like Mueller, Millar, Damon, or…oh, yeah, they’re not on the team anymore. I just hope that Varitek, as captain of the team, speaks up for the poor guy when the booing starts. LOL.

    2. July 31st, 2006 | 1:09 pm

      “I just hope that Varitek, as captain of the team, speaks up for the poor guy when the booing starts.”


    3. rbj
      July 31st, 2006 | 1:13 pm

      The Red Sox will be force to trade him, if not now, then in the off season. Once they start booing you in Boston you can never recover.

    4. July 31st, 2006 | 1:15 pm

      I saw both ot the throws mentioned in the first article. The 2nd one was not “skipped,” it was rolled. They got what they traded or paid for, whatever. Coco is not crisp.

    5. RICH
      July 31st, 2006 | 1:23 pm

      You’re making leaps in your writing:

      The passage you quoted is someone’s opinion. To me it’s like the people with their 23″ TV’s who can say they don’t see the passion in someone’s eyes.

      Do you think Crisp is in hangdog mode? I don’t understand what “different tune” is being made unless you believe the Red Sox blogger’s thoughts are gospel.

    6. MJ
      July 31st, 2006 | 1:23 pm

      I didn’t think that first throw was so bad, considering it was coming off a face-first dive to the glovehand side of the field with the bases loaded. He made a good catch and got the ball into the infield quickly, saving another runner from advancing. The second throw was horrible.

      Is Coco’s defense “a bust” as the article states? I don’t watch hardly any Sox games but every time I do, I see Crisp making some spectacular grabs.

    7. JohnnyC
      July 31st, 2006 | 2:07 pm

      He’s part of the rumored deal for Andruw Jones. Yeah, I’d say they were unhappy with him.

    8. Don
      July 31st, 2006 | 2:09 pm

      Rumors are hot & heavy that the Bosox are trying to move Mr. Crispy to Atlanta in a deal fo Andruw Jones.

    9. JohnnyC
      July 31st, 2006 | 2:11 pm

      Also, diving catches can either be the sign of an incredibly athletic centerfielder with awesome range or a speedy guy who just happens to luck out now and again and outrun bad jumps on balls. Lenny Dykstra made diving catches almost every game…he had the range of a postage stamp. It’s a cliche but Joe DiMaggio, Paul Blair, and Garry Maddox rarely dove to make catches.

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