• August 16th vs. The Orioles

    Posted by on August 16th, 2006 · Comments (0)

    It’s because of games like these that I should keep a Gatorade bucket and a Louisville Slugger close to the T.V.

    OK, trying to stay positive for those who want to see some of that…..tonight, Cory Lidle reminded me of someone. Little – as in under 6 feet – right-handed pitcher. A bit of an extra chin on an otherwise normal sized frame. And, his full-wind-up…….well, I’m seeing a little of Greg Maddux on the hill. Of course, Maddux is one of the best pitchers ever and Lidle is a journeyman. But, to the eye, Lidle, in the way he carries himself, now reminds me of Maddux.

    And, that’s the most positive thing that I have to say about this game.

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