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    From the Daily News (with a hat tip to BaseballThinkFactory.org) –

    Furious that fans are reselling their tickets online, the Yankees have started revoking the contracts of season-ticket holders and banning them from buying playoff seats this year.

    The team has fired off at least eight letters to season-ticket holders who resold their ducats on the popular StubHub.com Web site and several others who used eBay.com – the two largest ticket resellers in the country.

    Their days with decent seats at the House That Ruth Built could be over forever.

    “Please be advised that you will be neither invoiced nor entitled to any tickets to the 2006 post-season,” Yankees associate general counsel Alan Chang said in a letter to one season-ticket holder. “And you will not be offered a license for the 2007 baseball season and beyond.”

    The letter, obtained by the Daily News, doesn’t accuse the ticket-holder of doing anything illegal when he sold the ducats to games on May 28 and June 9. But according to the note, the sale, resale or transfer of tickets at any price is a violation of the license agreement.

    StubHub officials said they were told by customers that they had received the letters in the last 45 days or so. They said the license revocation was a competitive strike intended to put fear in Yankees’ ticket-holders.

    Most of the ticket-holders who got caught were nabbed after forwarding e-tickets through yankees.com to StubHub, a source told The News.

    So, the lesson here is clear. If you’re going to sell your tickets, better to do it in a dark back-alley somewhere rather than through a nice, clean, safe and secure on-line mechanism.

    Then again, from the Yankees-side, it’s their tickets and they can decide who they want to sell them to, going forward, at any time. It’s their right.

    In any event, it’s things like this that make me wish that the Yankees only drew 20,000 fans a game and were lucky to sell out a big game. The ticket business, from the fans angle, was much nicer in those days.

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    1. Jen
      September 23rd, 2006 | 10:02 pm

      I remember reading a warning in the papers that came with the tickets these past 2 years. They said they were going to monitor places like stubhub, but I didn’t really think they would do it. On one hand, it’s sorta nice to see them follow through on the warning, instead of just issuing an empty threat.

      But on the other hand, it’s kind of a raw deal that they did this when they don’t have their own brokering system in place yet. The back of my tickets says that tickets can be resold through an authorized web site (one managed by the Yankees or one of their affiliates). I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they had their “Marketplace” that they’ve been talking about up and running. Then places like stubhub would be cutting into the profits they would make from the sales. But there is no option set up yet to do this. So if you’re a non-scalper that’s just trying to get rid of tickets that would go unused, you’re sunk unless you can unload them on someone off-line.

    2. Michael Black
      September 23rd, 2006 | 10:12 pm

      The Yankees only drawing 20,000 fans would have been enough to move the Yanks out of the Bronx and into Jersey.

    3. September 23rd, 2006 | 11:14 pm

      That was just a bluff. Stein feared having an O’Malley legacy after such a move. That’s the last thing he wanted on his tombstone.

      Jen – someone actually read all that stuff that they stick in there! [wink]

    4. Jen
      September 23rd, 2006 | 11:23 pm

      Hey, you go to 50+ games a year, ya get bored sometimes 🙂

    5. Raf
      September 24th, 2006 | 3:19 pm

      So what would’ve happened if someone had sold the tickets @ face value?

      Either way, it stinks what the Yanks are doing

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